Poll: Should Kavis Reed be fired as Als GM?

This is a simple question folks. Looking at the state of the Alouettes, should Kavis Reed be fired as GM?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

If he were half a man he would walk away and say I tried my best.

I am not going to foul/critize the Als - Their defence was confused perhaps, receivers for Hamilton came back to the ball on Masoli scrambling around out of the pocket. The Montreal receivers were 2 steps behind a ramed up Manziel and the Cats D knew it. I see an improved Montreal team as the season moves along.

Not sure… maybe.

The team is a mess but how much of that is him?

If the Maziel trade blows up in his face, and it might, he will likely be gone by end of year.

I voted no, but mostly because I am a fan of their rival team.

Considering there are only four players left from the previous GM. I would say, just about all of it. He's going to end his second season with a record with something like 4-32.

The real question is : Who in their right mind is going to want to take this on working for these owners?

IMHO, Kavis should not have been given the job to begin with.
He had no GM experience and to get promoted from Special teams coach to GM is questionable at best

The old man loves to fire people. The reason Kavis is still there is the son knows nobody will take the job if his old man fires The Kavis.

That's fair.

Concur with others. If you fire Reed, who comes in?

The way this ownership micro manages the team, there's no chance anyone can make a plan and stick to it long enough for the Wettenals to pull the trigger. I truly believe they had thier hands in bringing Johnny football to town.

Hence despite the mess, I actually voted no.


What the hell? Did you not promise a few weeks ago to confine your whining about the Alouettes' management to the Als' forum thus sparing the rest of us the annoyance of listening to your constant kvetching?


He deserves to be fired but because of the mess he has made, who wants to come in and work for a team that micro manages, has no coaching staff, minimal talent and has traded its future away (several high draft picks)

Even as a Ticat fan I was embarressed for MTL the day they hired Reed, he is horribly underqualified and isnt exactly the measure of success for anything hes done in his coaching career. To this day I continue to rip on him, i may not like MTL but for him to make a once proud franchise such a sad sack of trash is astounding to me. Every one of his trades is god awful

No. You imagined that buddy boy.

Well, if you think that being completely unqualified and incompetent and delivering monstrously bad results while handicapping your successor by mortgaging the team's future for T-shirt sales is a reason to be fired, then I guess Reed's job is not safe.

1-6 so far. Got smoked in two of those 6 losses.

4 different starting QB’s so far.

Ranked in the bottom of virtually every category.

Hmmm, guess there is nowhere for them to go but up.

OH! You can stay at the bottom for a very long time.

So what were your hysterical conniptions in the Alouettes' forum when I joined this board a few weeks ago all about then? Those I certainly didn't just imagine.


Well since you're here I just might be inclined to start a thread on Johnny Manziel's Fantasy value in the Alouette forum.


This is a common misconception. There is always plenty of room to move down. Even if they were winless, they could instead be losing all of those games by much larger margins.

It is a deceptive cliche, as there is always a bottomless chasm of suckage that a bad team can sink further into.

It's always easy to start topics suggesting that the GM or a Head Coach or Coordinators ,etc. should be fired,but it's easier said/written than done. Throughout the years,no matter the sport, firings during the course of a season don't generally bring positive results. There are/have been exceptions!

For instance, before firing the GM, the Organization has to make sure that their is a better replacement waiting; furthermore, you have to consider the additional costs involved. If anyone knows a top GM in the waiting,a GM that has many top players signed by him and hoping to bring their services to a team/the Alouettes, please call Mr. Andrew Wetenhall as soon as possible.

Was the hiring of Kavis Reed a bad decision by Andrew Wetenhall? I don't know. I was not present when the interviews took place and I don't know the factors for this decision. He probably preferred working with Kavis Reed than any other candidate.

It's not an excuse, but the Alouettes have presently 18 players on injured lists,including 9 starters. Without some of these injuries, trades with Hamilton and Toronto may have not occurred. In these 2 trades, both Hamilton and Toronto were in a position of strength. Did Hamilton "pass" a fast one on Kavis Reed regarding Johnny Manziel? Time will tell!.

With the team currently 1-6, it's easy to say fire Kavis Reed, but what will it bring in 2018? Definitely extra costs. More victories? I doubt. At the end of the season, it will be time to review Football Operations and Coaches and make appropriate decisions. Mr. Andrew Wetenhall may decide to proceed differently and fire Kavis Reed before and it's prerogative.

The play of Johnny Manziel for the rest of the season could definitely be the factor that will dictate the firing or not of Kavis Reed.


You’re an annoying little know nothing Barfticfox. Go play with your baseball cards.