Poll: Should Dave Dickenson be fired, if he chokes away a 3rd straight Grey Cup?

There’s no way Dave chokes this game. The odds of choking in three Grey Cups back to back are low I imagine.

I think we gotta rethink “Chokes” to getting"Defeated". Ottawa seems to be everything Calgary is talent wise, so a loss is not necessarily a choke for Stamps.

…yeah I have to agree with that, they are not heading into this GC as the unquestionably stronger team, so I don’t see how you can label a loss as a ‘choke’…

I agree with that. It definitely won’t be a “choke” if the Calgary Bills coached by Marv Dickenson fail to win again :wink:

upon a little research, it seem the term “choke” as it refers to performance is way misused.

What I come up with is “to become too tense or nervous to perform well”

I don’t think this has applied to DD at all, at least not as coach.

I think the Stamps’ll play just fine. It should be a heckuva game. I just hope the field is in reasonably good shape snow-wise, and it isn’t as cold as it can be in Edmonton.

Dickenson’s potty-mouth is his biggest negative. Especially after the western final where he went “Kanadian” . . .

Hufnagel may have problems galore on his hands if BL Mitchell bolts south and Claybrooks leaves for a head coaching spot (BC or Toronto)

So ditching Dave Dick (good movie title, huh) might be an option to keep Claybrooks (one of the great defensive designers of all-time CFL) in tow

If Huff can’t keep Mitchell then Mike Reilly is Target 1 - like he’ll be with most teams in the CFL - other than Wpg who’s thrilled to keep their mid-card mope Nichols & Montreal w/ their package of Johnny Foothead, Pipkin, etc.

One thing about Huff - he’s prolly got solid connections to acquire 3 or 4 suitable to CFL southern QBs if he can’t get Reilly; might also go after a small cadre of promising #2 guys to round out the detail - ie. JJ Jennings, Franklin, Brando Bridge, etc.

Language like that has been on the CFL sidelines for decades.
When you put microphones and cameras all over the field, that is bound to happen and it did.
No big deal, it was picked up, he is embarrassed, he apologized.
He is NOT anti Canadian
He is married to a Canadian women, his family is Canadian

He is going to be a Head Coach in this League for a long time

If you are getting to the Grey Cup, year after year with winning records, and 1st place division finishes, you are doing enough things right to let the coach keep trying.

True, but he might be anti-Winnipeg.

It’s little wonder why coaches are so against being mic-ed.

It’s a ridiculous situation. Much ado about nothing.

The coaches probably need a union to back them and refuse to do it.

He’s also worked/lived in Canada about as long as he ever lived in the U.S. He would have been around 23 when he started his career with the Stamps, and he’s 45 now.

I’d be surprised if the Skeeters fired him.

Well Dickenson finally put an end to the choke festival and got the monkey off his back. He won’t be fired! :slight_smile:

Congrats to the Stamps and their fans!

This is the stupidest thread I have seen.

What a ridiculous question to ask.

Cheers agree!

Well, so much for speculation, now.