Poll: Should Dave Dickenson be fired, if he chokes away a 3rd straight Grey Cup?


Foul mouthed Dave Dickenson has had the best team in the CFL, for all 3 seasons of his head coaching tenure. Despite that, he has choked away the first 2 Grey Cups.

If he chokes away a 3rd straight Grey Cup, should he be fired?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

…fair enough, but where’s your stake in the contest John? I propose that if DD wins the GC you change your avatar and sig to a pro-Tiger Cat logo for the 2018-19 offseason…

…actually, keep the sig, it’s pretty good…but the avatar gets changed, to something bobo provides…

Nope! Johnny is just conducting “neutral” research to see how people feel about the issue. :slight_smile:

I see what your doing he gets fired and immediately gets hired in Montreal .

After not signing with BC and Toronto .

LOL !!! I like it !!! I like it !!! Don’t worry Johnny , I’ll fix you up with something real , real purdy like . ;D


Firing him for having the best record, going for his 3rd GC in as many years, seriously?? And replace him with who? someone with zero CG appearances in the last 3 years lol. What an Idiotic suggestion.

Is that neutral or neutered ? :slight_smile:

Forget about hiring him as a HC, if Calgary fires DD, the Argos and Als should try to sign him as QB.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! :slight_smile:

DD inherited the best team in the CFL. If he loses a 3rd straight GC against a weaker east team, you don’t think there should be at least a conversation about him being fired?

For the record, Johnny thinks the Stamps will win this time. But, if they don’t, won’t some fans get impatient with DD?

Would not put it past Reed to try that :wink:

If Calgary underperforms the reason is very likely to be a severely depleted receiver corps. Unless it’s an issue of conditioning I don’t think I can lay that at Dickenson’s feet.

It’s a harsh world and Calgary has had to overcome some significant injuries but at some point, Calgary has to consider making a change to get over the hump.

Hey, I like Dickenson and I would say his record speaks for itself but Grey Cups aren’t easy to win, it’s tough. This hiccup with his mouth last game is just that, a hiccup and he’ll learn from that to be better in the long run albeit as I said, some gamesmanship there anyways so it’s all cool.

I’m sure the TiCats would take DD over JJ in a heartbeat. I know I would.

Exactly who do you think would be an improvement over the head coach that has ended each season with the best record in the league, won the division final three years in a row, and came within one play of winning the Grey Cup in both his visits to the big game?

The only two coaches that have “gotten over the hump” in those past two years has been Trestman (who was fired for an absolutely abysmal year this year), or Campbell, who is not leaving Ottawa after also having multiple dominant seasons under his belt.

What exactly is your definition of “inherit”, here? DD was assistant head coach for two years before John Hufnagel retired to the back office. It’s not like Dickenson just came in off the streets to become head coach - he played a very significant part of building the team even before he took over the HC reins.

Besides that, most of the Stampeder receiving corps and half of the defensive and special teams players who will be taking the field on Sunday were hired after Dickenson became head coach. By your apparent reasoning, the only head coach in the league right now who would qualify as having not inherited a team would be Rick Campbell (because he started when the team started) or Chris Jones (because he is both HC and GM and he burned the team to the ground when he came on board).

[i]For the record, Johnny thinks the Stamps will win this time. But, if they don't, won't some fans get impatient with DD? [/i]
Well of course "some" fans will become impatient. Some fans think that winning a Grey Cup is a walk in the park. Some fans put up ridiculous polls asking stupid questions that nobody with any modicum of football IQ would ever think for a minute would make sense. Luckily, we don't let fans like that run football teams. We let them shout in online forums instead.

Watch it “buddy”. This is a place to debate, not insult.

…Cleveland aside…

Well, “buddy”, while I wouldn’t dare suggest that you had any back-handed intent with this poll or your suggestion that “some fans” might want a coach to be fired for “choking away” a third championship, I’m sure there are “some fans” who might not see your comments in such a balanced light.

As some internet philosopher probably said once, one should not dish if one cannot eat.