Poll: Should Chapdelaine return as HC for 2018 if...?

We all know Chapdelaine will not be fired during the season. But, if the Alouettes get 7 wins total, or less, should he return as head coach for 2018?

I would like to say "no" because I am not happy with the play calling and discipline ... but if Kavis is as weak a GM as many feel, what coach of any quality would sign on?

Have nothing but respect for Wettenhal, but Hawkins was a disaster pick to replace Trestmen, even if MT left late in the coaching hire cycle. Then letting Popp stay in contention for the 2014 HC spot left the non-football guys to their own devices to select ..... Higgins. Popp should either have been told he was GM only (which might have stung his ego enough for him to quit) or have been let go after the 2013 season ..... but hindsight is 20/20.

Unless the team is sold or Bob steps aside entirely, along with the rest of the "veteran" executive (Paul Harris and George A. Cohon), I expect both Reed and Chapdelaine will be back.

Almost sounds like a FIRE CHAPDELAINE post to me, on the eve of their annual blowout in BC.

What a pathetic bunch of dweebs!

If I have an issue with Chapdelaine, it would be Chapdelaine the Offensive Co-Ordinator, not necessarily Chapdelaine the Head Coach. Is he capable of running an effective offense?

But then I start to ask myself if Chapdelaine the Offensive Co-Ordinator is handicapped by lack of talent on the o-line (also due to injuries) and receiving corps. Would any other Offensive Co-Ordinator be doing better with the same Als offense?

For the same reason, unlike others I am not ready to write Darian Durant off. He is not an elite QB, but with a proper supporting cast he is capable of winning games.

Bottom line on Chapdelaine - I am copping out and will only vote at the end of the season.

Sadly, you are probably right.

I not only have a problem with him as OC, but as a HC as well. Where does his team rank in undisciplined penalties so far this season?
How many times did an undisciplined penalty stall a drive or basically put the opposition into scoring position as was the case on the RB's first TD this past week?
To me, shows lack of control by the HC on his players.
Combine this with his OC play calling, my vote is in.

Well speaking of penalties, there is another familiar Head Coach having issues with them.

A starting point in achieving some consistent production from all three groups would be cutting down on the number of penalties the team takes.

The Argos came into the Labour Day game having been assessed 903 yards in penalties, easily the most in the CFL.

They were flagged for another seven infractions for 87 yards.

Worst of all, they negated a potential game-changing 101-yard punt return for a major by Martese Jackson in the second quarter because of a holding penalty.

Getting a handle on these penalties has not been easy for any number of reasons.

“It’s very difficult because we’re not talking about just one person or any one side of the ball (with the penalties),? head coach Marc Trestman said. “The bottom line is collectively we are not playing the kind of football you need to play to have success. Ottawa has found a way to dig themselves out of a hole and Saskatchewan has found a way to dig themselves out and I think we have the heart and backbone to do the same, but we have to clean up our football.?

“Right now we are a good football team not playing good football,? Trestman said. “We are 4-7, that’s who we are. We are not playing well enough to win. We are doing too many things you can’t do if you are going to win games in this league. Our guys know it and when we stop doing those things we are going to be a better football team.?


Do not disagree here that Trestman has issues in regards to that aspect of the game.

TSN said it was Edmonton

They are both right
Edm leads in penalties called Tor in yards

Montreal is second in both....Quelle Surprise!


Peeling the onion and taking this one step further from where you pulled this stat;

Als rank in the top 3 of several different categories when broken down into
"Preventable - Offside, Procedure_" ,
" Technical - Illegal Block, Holding" ,
"Roughness - Roughing The Passer, Face Mask"

OC - Objectionable Conduct
Holding/Illegal Block
Defensive Pass Interference
Illegal Contact on a Receiver

To my surprise, Als do not rank #1 in these categories. Typically Esks or Argos.

Als do come in with the RB's for the most "No Yards" calls at 9.

Just because Edmonton and Toronto have slightly more penalties than the Als, it does not make it OK!

Chappy needs to fix this.

No one said it was....

Well Johnny's vote hasn't changed! Chapdelaine should not return as HC in 2018. Kavis Reed should also be shown the door.

Unfortunately, at least one or both will be back...

Montreal should fire Kavis now and hire Hervey, now before they have competition for his services.

Of the Als 7 remaining games, among them, they face the Redblacks and Eskimos at home, and the Riders and Stamps on the road.

GOOOOOOOOOD luck with that!

This team will be very lucky to finish the season with a total of 5 wins. Pathetic!

Kavis Reed has failed.

Jacques Chapdelaine has failed.

And once again, the Wetenhals have failed.

If failure was a hurricane, this would be a category 12! ::slight_smile:


Chapdelaine came to the Als following success with offensive teams in the CFL. He dis show promise at the end part of last season. I did not agree with his cutting of Carter. He is his old self catching footballs footballs as well as returning kicks and, playing on defense with the RRs.
I like all of you am very disappointed with this seasons play. Chaps lost the OL team of Gagnon, Blake and, LBJ started slow due to his year out with injury in 2016. These three Canadian players were a grave loss to Chaps's offense. Kavis axed SJ Green and, made other questionable calls in his GM role. Kavis came to the team with a lesser CFL history than Chaps. $400 000 for Durant was a horrible move followed by giving Adams, our only decent backup, to the RRs was another tilt. We have had a series of QB problems since Calvillo retired. We have had move after move in the coaching department and, I wonder if we should repeat again this process. I'm for giving Chaps a second year. Kavis, less so. I believe Wettenhall has always funded the team very well. We should be grateful to the owner for his funding of our team and, give him grace for his two attempts at problem solving. He is hguman like the rest of us. We are back at a complete restructuring of our players and, frankly I'm quite happy that he remains, at this point, in his funding capacity.

Tough to say, everyone in this organization (almost) is new to the role they have this year... from the president down to the HC. So it's hard to say definitively who isn't good at all vs. who is on a learning curve but will be good in the future.
Even harder when you consider the rash of injuries to Canadians, and/or the OL.. everything fell apart from there.

Not many were impressed with Reed's offseason, you did see a vision of what he wanted to do with ratio to strengthen the OL to protect his "prized" veteran QB. But he ended up overpaying for someone who's best days are behind him, which forced other personnel decisions that hurt the team. His decision to turn to Jackson vs. Green hasn't worked out (even if I understand the rationale at the time, Green's health being a major question mark), Plessius & other deals looked bad from the outset, timing of Woods cut, etc.
Rookie mistakes and he gets better quick, or just over his head and will never be any good?.. 1 year is a pretty short timeframe to judge a GM.

As for Chapedelaine, his over-complicated playbook cost them a few close games early.. then he started simplifying and the offense was showing what maybe resembled the semblance of cohesion, but still some bad execution by QB & receivers, then injuries hit and it was over.
Easier to pull the plug on the HC than the GM, but what other/better options are out there? And given how many coaches we've gone through in past years, there's something to be said about stability too.

I really feel like it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation... but at the end of the day I just don't believe in Reed, so best option would seem to be to go with Hervey ASAP.

I would like to see how Jackson would do at slot-back before writing him off as a bad acquisition. It perhaps should not have been a direct substitution (Green out, Jackson) in situation.

LOVE Nik Lewis but as others have pointed out elsewhere he is not a coverage challenge in that he isn't going to beat anyone past 10 yards. Great zone-possession receiver but predictable in the larger sense (pun intended).

Having speed at the other slot might also help the other SB (Cunningham?).