Poll: Should Bob Try Out for Pigskin Pete?

OK- several of us have bared our souls... and our lungs. But who do we ALL really want to see giving us a rousing 'Oski-Wee-Wee'? Let's draft BOB! At the very least he should have a cheer on LULU.

I think Bob Should go for it !!!

Go Bob!


I'm concerned with your choice of words: "true blue owner".

There are Ti-Cat fan conspiracy theorists who subscribe to the notion Bob is actually a "blue team" fan who bought the Ti-Cats to keep the "blue team" elevated and the black and gold down.

The colour blue makes most Ti-Cat fans see red.

I realize these are blackened days for us, but hopefully our new GM will bring us the Grey Cup.

Some yellow streaked people will leave us for greener pastures, but others will find a silver lining in this past season.

Hopefully, we won't end up like the Cleveland Browns.

Have to go and slip into my white jacket now.