Poll question- Should Tillman be allowed back in CFL?

Vancouver's sport radio station ran this question. What do CFL fans on this site think?

I say the courts have ruled already and the public humiliation to him and his family is worse than anything. In other words he has served his time and it is a lesson for all guys who want to act stupid and grab a girl's body.

Of course he should be able to return to the CFL. It is not even a question.

This is the wrong question really and is slanted in its representation in my opinion as are most of these "polls."

Of course Tillman should have freedom to be employed in any legal capacity after having gone through the legal process just like anyone else for any given civil and/or criminal matter. No employer however is free from the stigma that comes with hiring ANY controversial figure though.

But ought Tillman be guilty or not guilty in the Court of Public Opinion of which we all are members?

And if still guilty, the open question is when is Tillman really forgiven such that most of the public can move on?

Sometimes there is no answer but "in due time" anyway, and no one knows when that is.

Note that forgiveness is not the same as most of the public merely forgetting the matter as would be the case with a Grey Cup or for other reasons such other far more overshadowing and pertinent news beyond football like natural disaster, terrorism, et cetera.

He already is allowed back ? So this is a pointless survey ! Do they have a survey on other people with crimminal records when they app;y for jobs and get them ?

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And he doesn't even have a criminal record to boot :roll:

it's an irrelevant question, considering he's the GM of the Eskimos..

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I agree with both of these posts.

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