Poll Question - Redwhite2005

Seriously I think this guy must be sporting some GREEN underwear, similar in coverage to the recent Rider defense.

Who cares?

:lol: :lol: Wow Three times now some one makes a thread about me because I have a different opinion then he has. I am suprised at you sixpacked I thought more of you. But that has now changed. Arius move over my friend there is someone that is as smart as you.

Really is there a limit some one can post about the riders if so let me know of such rule other then that do not make personal threads and you will not get a personal answer back. Good for you! :lol: :lol:

I voted 8 rye & coke

In honour of our enlightening conversations I will vote for the Rye and coke too. :smiley:

Good I am glad you did come join me for a good shot of rye and coke.

Yeah I guess you could use some help considering you now have 40 rye and cokes!!! Maybe more to come.

I voted for the 8rye&cokes.. I never pass up an offer for a drink! Cheers 05, my friend ... :thup:

R&W2005, the Rider fans should feel honoured! :lol: :lol: Last year at this time you were stirring it up with the Bomber posters regarding Taman!

Last year they were depressed that you were ignoring them! :wink:

Anytime my friend your a good sport and a good rider fan. Do you wish my list of the bad ones. And it would be as long as one of Arius's posts.

Exactly I am only doing what most of them do. Whine about their team. When they are winning they are the best they ever seen and wow we are going to meet Winterpeg in the GC now that is fantastic. The only problem is then they lose a couple of games and get down right owly. Just because I have a some what verying opinion to their own they have to post a thread like this. I believe the score now is Rider fans have posted 2 and my good friends and favorite fans the Bombers have posted 1 about me. I feel deeply honored really. But I just get tired of watching rider fan vs rider fan fight over their team. So I try to bring in a prespective they might enjoy.

I too voted for the rye and coke.Mind if i join you guys for a few? :lol: :lol:

Not at all I got to see a few drunk rider fans last Saturday. Whats a few more :lol: :lol:

This really was a kind of stupid post... RW05 is easily one of the best posters without a doubt.

Oh man Jman send me a rider jersey right now!

Gooooo Riders!

what is this i'am hearing '05?

Gooooooooo Roughies! Jersey number ; )

I cant believe you said those 2 words! I knew your true passion for the Riders would come out sooner or later! :lol:

Passion it is true love! Goooooooo Riders!

Are you saying go riders completly, or just for this week aganst BC?

Baby steps man lol