Poll Question -- Best retro uniform

Who has the best retro uniform/helmet?
Toronto is left out because they didn't wear theirs, and they were ugly anyways, and Calgary, BC, Winnipeg and Hamilton have not played yet, so I'm just writing down the description of their "darks".

Soon to follow up....Worst retro uniform.

IIRC they said during the game that the Argos would be wearing their retro uniforms next week at home. I don’t think the Bombers will be wearing retro uniforms this week either. They will be at next week’s home game against Hamilton though. Most teams only have the retro jerseys done for home games.

Last year with Hamilton and Torontos retro series, Hamilton wore the home retro and Toronto wore the away retro on Labour day, and the same the next week in Toronto.

From what I've seen on the CFL shop, it looks like Winnipeg and Toronto have nice retro units, but right now I'd have to go with Montreal.

Agreed, those looked very good.


I thought BC's retros looked great tonight.

the announcers did say they were going to wear them next home game against Montreal.

I went with the Riders, a total homer pick.

Riders should wear those jerseys fulltime.

Those 70s Alouettes uniforms are by far the most awesome uniforms in all of pro football! The cartoony lark that's on the Als' symbol now looks like something from a semi-pro hockey team or a pee-wee tee-ball team. I felt the same way about the cartoony Renegade on the Ottawa logo. A Pro Football logo is NOT supposed to be a cartoon, it's supposed to be symbolic. The iconic Alouettes triangle symbolised the city of Montreal (the M) at the base of Mont-Royal (the A) with the little white diamond in the middle symbolising Canada's first satellite in orbit, Alouette. The whole thing looks a bit like a lark's head with the word ALOUETTES written in a way-cool font below it. I'm a die-hard Als fan but I really think that the uniforms that they have now suck BIG TIME! They should really go back to that amazing 70s uniform. They have never looked even close to as good as that, never mind better, in their entire history.

The 1970s Alouettes uniform - How the Alouettes SHOULD look!

For those who don't know the difference...

What the Alouettes look like now:
What the Alouettes looked like in the 70s (This is what I think they should go back to):

I agree with what you’re saying, Avro. The Alouette on the current logo should be retired or reserved for children’s merchandise. I didn’t mind the Raptors’ ‘Barney’ logo, but I can see why they dropped it.

I do know that royal blue has been replaced all over professional sports (incl. Blue Bombers) and I figure it’s not as popular with fans as far as replicas go. I could be wrong but I would bet that the Indianapolis Colts white jersey is more popular than the blue.

You're right in a lot of cases Tecmo (btw, Tecmo Bowl = best video football game EVER!!!), but not when the royal blue is accented by red. Consider the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, the royal blue jerseys are the popular ones and are considered the "true" jerseys of the team just as much as the Dallas Cowboys' whites are. Royal blue just looks good when accompanied by red. Hell, even red and yellow look good as accents to royal blue just like the St. Louis Blues did in the mid-90s with Gretzky. Royal blue is a vivid cold colour and it needs another vivid colour (except orange) to balance it with a matching neutral like white, silver or yellow to not look weird. Royal blue when paired with a neutral alone like white or yellow completely overpowers it which is probably why I don't think the Colts look all that good in their blues. I thought Winnipeg and Seattle both looked better with royal blue because they had gold or green to keep the royal blue from being too dominant. Mind you, it's also because I think the colours that they replaced them with look gawd-awful! LOL

Good-looking teams that are primarily royal blue:

Montreal Expos
New York Giants
New England Patriots
70s Montreal Alouettes
80s-90s Buffalo Bills
80s-90s Winnipeg Blue Bombers
80s-90s Seattle Seahawks
mid-90s St. Louis Blues
New York Rangers
Hartford Whalers (right before they moved to Carolina)
Detroit Pistons
Team USA
Colorado Rockies
Kansas City Scouts
Winnipeg Jets
80s-90s Denver Nuggets
Chicago Cubs
Texas Rangers

Teams where royal blue just doesn't work:

Indianapolis Colts
New York Knicks
New York Mets
Toronto Maple Leafs
Los Angeles Rams
Utah Jazz
LA Dodgers
KC Royals

Almost all these teams have one thing in common, they don't have a strong enough colour to balance the vivid royal blue. The Knicks and Mets add orange to it which just looks gross overall...lol