Poll predictability

The poll on the front page shows once again that polls on this site are a waste of time. The question is "Who is the best team in the West, right now?" and the 1-2 Riders are winning, lol. :cowboy:

As stated before, Rider fans are so obsessed with winning these polls, you could ask, which team has the least green on their uniforms and the Riders would win.

Who care about who wins the July championship ? It's all about the last game in November. Until somebody eliminates the Riders they are the Champs !

Obviously Rider fans care about who wins the polls.

There won't be any need to eliminate the Riders this season when then wind up dead last and in 5th in the West, thus eliminating themselves :wink: :lol:....................
by missing the play-offs all together a year after winning it all. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup you heard it first,the Riders wind up in 5th in the West........but,but,but,probably with a W/L record that will be equal or greater than the team that eventually wins 1rst in the CFL (L)EAST Division this season :oops: I can honestly see this season so far that 8-10 or 9-9 will get you 1rst in the (L)EAST and the same record will get you last in the WEST and a one way ticket out of the play-offs this year.

In other words, they didn't buy the Cup last year, they rented it. :smiley:

I just voted, and the Eskimos are leading right now at 34% with the Stamps and Riders tied at 23%… I voted for the Stamps, but the game this week will determine who is the best in the West at the moment

Looks like the early voters were all from Regina, :lol: When I voted there was about 1000 had cast their votes and 37% had voted for the Riders.