Poll:(part 2) The Final 4 So the Grey Cup will be between ?

Okay folks , we're down to the final 4 on the journey to this years Grey Cup. So the question is once again , who is it going to be meeting in this years classic ? Will it be a traditional East vs West or a first time ever West vs West match-up ?

To help everyone out I posted the results and percentages from the initial poll .
And here's some interesting trivia notes about who the final two might be

1)... Three of the four final possible match-ups would be the first time that the two teams have ever met each other in a Grey Cup game. (Ottawa-B.C / Edmonton- Calgary / Edmonton-B.C )

2)...If Ottawa wins the Cup it will mark the seventh different team in the last seven years to win it going back to the 2010 season.

3)...If Edmonton wins the Cup it will mark the 1rst B2B winners since the Alouettes did the trick in "09-10"

4)...If Edmonton wins the Cup it will mark the first time that a B2B winner would do it representing a different division in both years.

5)...If Calgary wins the Cup they will tie the record for most wins in a season with 17 (reg season + post ) and will set the record for best over-all season with a combined 17-2-1 W/L record.

6)...The only possible match-up of two teams who have played each other before in the Cup would be a Calgary-Ottawa match-up. The last time these two met as finalists was 48 yrs ago way back in 1968.

7)...Amazingly the Lions have been around since 1954 (62 yrs) have played in 10 Cup games in their history and have met every Eastern team (including Wnp ) at least once in the final with the exception of Ottawa who they have never faced in a Grey Cup game.

8)...If Ottawa wins the Cup it would be that cities first Grey Cup victory in 40 yrs with the last one coming in the "76" season.

9)...If the two finalists are Calgary and Edmonton it will mark the first Grey Cup game played between two teams from the province of Alberta.

10)..If Edmonton wins it will be their 15th Grey Cup victory
.......If Calgary wins it will be their 8th Grey Cup victory
......If B.C. wins it will be their 7th Grey Cup victory
......If Ottawa wins it will be their 10th Grey Cup victory

Okay my vote is in , and it's for an East vs West final between the Lions and REDBLACKS.
My reasoning here is twofold on this mainly because...1) I think it would be interesting to see two East/West teams that have never met before in the game....2) The Lions have always been my favourite team out West ever since I was a kid and since my Cats now are officially out I have to throw my support behind BC to win it all this season. :rockin: :slight_smile:

I went with BC and Ottawa.

The East Final will be interesting.

Who gets revenge ? Esks avenging 2 defeats to the Reds or the Reds avenging the 2015 Cup to the Esks ?

It is tough to beat the same team 3 X , but I will go with my man Good Hank at home.
I will give Bad Hank the day off.

The Lions need to play their best with both Manny and Gore out .

( Gore might be back )

I am afraid the 3 week break will hurt the Stamps.

Stamps and Eskies. All-West, All-Alberta, All the time!




Why don't we ask Access_Medumb who the GC finalists will be? He must have a source who can give him this information.

Sarnia vs Balmy Beach. :lol:

Wow , all this talk about a West/West Grey Cup but no votes yet or love for a possible Lions vs Eskimos final in the Cup.
Seems like when it comes to the subject everybody is saying Eskimos and Stamps. I guess either no one is giving BC much of a shot or chance to win in the West Final or everybody is focusing on the All Alberta angle when the talk turns to West vs West at BMO for the big game.

So, lets see, according to the poll.

The East final is a Grey Cup rematch and the Grey Cup will be a Labour Day rematch. :wink:

Calgary doesn't seem to have any weaknesses. BC is lucky they beat a D-less Bomber team.

Edmonton runs hot and cold. Ottawa is at home.

I'm taking Calgary and Ottawa in the Cup and I'm hoping Ottawa wins. In spite of my dislike for Henry, Ottawa fans deserve a Cup. :thup:

His sources are a crystal ball and a ouija board for confirmation.

You’re half right. Yes, I don’t think the Lions have a chance vs. Calgary…they barely got by the Bombers. As far as the “east” is concerned, the “Battle of Alberta” has little appeal to me or anyone else outside the Oil province, but I can’t see Ottawa getting past the Eskies, so that leaves on Calgary and Edmonton.

I’d love to be wrong here and would enjoy the Redblacks vs. either Stamps or Lions but as always, I will enjoy the Cup as I always do but this year, for a bit of a change, from my living room with friends and a handy bathroom. And a vat or turkey chili. And cold IPA’s. And other fine snacks. But no vegetables. Not on Cup day.


BC will surprise the Stamps. No pressure on BC. Wally will have the Lions ready to go. Stamps have everything to loose. It's in their heads - they just can't win the big playoff games.

Ott. will win it all. Cheering for Zack Evens.

IMHO - the recent issues of the Riders started in the 2013 expansion draft when they let Shologan and Evans go.


As a Ouija Board afficionado, I take offense to this. Ouija Boards are far more useful than... whoever it is you're talking about..

Well, Dan38, your first prediction came true - lets hope the second prediction also comes true, which it might cause Ottawa didnt touch their trophy and Calgary did!! :smiley: