POLL - Our most heart wrenching loss of the year

I know there were many more, This whole year was pretty heart wrenching

Last play PI vs Stamps

I voted for option #6.......All of them . :-[

I've got to agree with bobo82 "All of them"

I vote Toronto. We never really had the calgary game won.

can i change my vote to "Tolliver in the first quarter of the first game of the season"?

Bingo. Same reasoning.


Yes...all of the above. I have no black and gold blood left.

My heart was more wrenched early on in the season when there was still hope. For example, we were beating BC after knocking out their starting QB, and then we collapsed. The next game against EDM was another golden opportunity. If we could have pulled out a few then it might have meant we'd have a competitive season and actually been a contender - not just a "back into the East playoffs" longshot.

What people seem to forget is that the recent SASK and CAL games, we didn't have victory stolen from us, we had a chance at OT taken away. If either game had gone into OT, I just don't like our chances to come out on top. One thing we have not been able to do all year is punch it in or stop the other guys when you "absolutely, positively need it on this drive". We can do it mid-game, sometimes. But not when it's all on the line. Example: OT against Toronto - could not have gone worse than it did.

I'll pick other: 4th Quarter collapse week 8 vs Winnipeg at home. This was the last of a string of 6 games against west teams and the first at home after the Calgary blow out and the loss to Edmonton. Since both were away games I thought maybe we were through a tough part of the schedule and we would see a spirited effort at home. Plus it was a loss to Mike O’Shea's team.
After that the Argo loss and the rest in no particular order.

I'd pick the Rider and Argo loss together; Riders loss resulted in inability - or bad play call if you like - to control a win. Argos loss resulted in inability - lack of time/ball control - to hold a win.

Stamps loss was a crusher but on a bad penalty.

Unless we risked a 2 point convert to win and held Calgary. I hate the overtime format!!!
Why, after a hard fought football game, does it turn into something that doesn't even resemble a real game?? Why not just play another 15 minutes with real rules, not this "starting from the opponents 35 yard line, etc..."??

I'd say the Argo game, because it was so clearly in our grasp but then slipped away.

So many times after JJ took over we could have moved into 2nd place easily, but each time we shot ourselves in the foot. BUT! I am excited about next year as this second half has been promising under JJ.

The Toronto game for sure given that we also got smoked by the referees! Oh I forgot, the league apologized. Yeah the Calg game could have been lost in OT.

can i double change my vote to "Gord"?

For me it was the P I in the Calgary game.
I truly hate to see a game end on a penalty that determines the outcome.
And I also truly believe both the Argo's and Ottawa are breathing a hell of
a lot easier with us out of it, and not having to face us in the playoffs.
As we would have beat them...and your dam right, they know it.