Poll on who will win the Grey Cup

I do not know too much about the CFL (I am not much of a sports fan) but have been given a school assignment in which I am to forecast who will win the Grey Cup This year.

What I would like to do is run a delphi survey. A group of people would give me their opinions. I would tally up the results let you guys know and then ask again. They way it works is that after a number of rounds it the concensus tends to drive closer to an answer. If anyone would like to take part in this please let me know. The people wo respond in each round need to remain the same so I don’t think using the poll functionality here would work.

I can tell you it won’t be Hamilton, Winnipeg, or Ottawa. That narrows it down to 6 teams my friend. Cheers.

......if there is one thing in this forum in sparseness it's concensus.....even after repeated attempts to beat logic into each other......we all firmly agree to disagree more often than not......but not to douse water on your fire, I'll take part and say the Grey Cup Champion of 2005 will be the BC Lions......

In that case, all logic points to SASK as the CHAMPS of 2005. As KK said, "We top offense, once we get going ain't no one stopping us." 5-0 now with Crandell including 3 straight wins over the three best teams. Wait, wouldn't that make us the best team?




BC is my prediction. They'll get back into their groove, and become the powerhouse they were at the beginning of the season.

and if you are doing a delphi survey you are supposed to be using expert opinions. people here are fans but that doesn't cut it for a legitamate delphi. if you want to make it semi acceptable only ask us who should be included on your expert panel. and out of curiousity... what type of class is getting you to do a delphi survey. most teachers wouldn't even know what that is. is this a uni course on research design?

montreal vs sask. this weekend...
toronto vs edmonton also ...

those are 2 possible early Grey Cup match ups.


There is no question about it the Argos RULES!.We're #1 until somebody takes that away from us.Go Argos!.

Riders absolutely! They have the best QB, the best defense, best coaches, the best waterboy etc.

You forgot best o-line and best special teams as well. :wink:
Oh yeah dont’ forget best runningbacks. We got KK, Holmes, Dorsey, Szarka, Greene, and hell even McCalla could do. The rushing talent is endless on this team.

etc covers that and we all know that already!

That right, they will win cuz they got me! KK :lol:

I will stay with BC.

Did you know your bet has been paid or did you bump your head!

Its the Argos all the way!.We got Coach- PinBall Clemons,Arland Bruce,
Prefontain and Damon Allen to name 3 players.We have the Grey Cup ring to prove it!.Go Argos Go!.

if the argos beat edmonton on thanksgiving, then i'd say the ARGOS....cuz edmonton should be in the same form that gave BC thier first loss.

Or they could continue to be the same form as they were against Hamilton last week. But look for the Eskies to step it back up again. I see a Argos-Eskimos or an Argos-Lions GC.

Hamilton probably, since they beat Edmonton last week.