Poll on "new" Tiger-Cat logo.

Messing with a longstanding well-loved logo is a dangerous, but sometimes necessary, business.

When we updated the Tiger-Cat's Leaping Tiger from Jake Gaudaur's 1960 version a few years ago we did so because the original artwork had long since been lost and the versions we were using had, through years of copying, become significantly darker and less useful as a logo of a modern 21st century professional football team.

At the time it created a certain amount of controversy. So I'm curious as to what Tiger Town thinks of it now.

Disclaimer: Polls on Ticats.ca are among the least scientific methods of gathering information ever invented. This is for entertainment value only. :wink:

I like both but prefer the newer one. It's really just a cleaned up version of the older one. It's more aesthetically pleasing to me.

I'm fine with it, actually really like it, and I bet if we get to a Grey Cup and win one soon, more people will love it. :wink:

I like the old one better. It's meaner and more appropriate for a football team. New one is a little too cartoonish and cute.



Cartoonish? Cute? I respectfully disagree 100%.



While I understand the reasons for moving to a new logo, I am still attached to the old one. After all, it's a part of my childhood. It's just always been there as symbol of the Tiger-Cats. Growing up, it was on my team hats, shirts, buttons, pennants, everything. I was proud of it, and it was recognized by everyone, which was important to me living in a city with its own rival team. The only piece I still have is one of those buttons, and I display it proudly.

As I said, I understand the need for the upgrade. But please, for us old-timers, could you keep at least some true vintage logo merchandise available?



Does that mean no matter how much we stuff the ballot box, the fixtures at the new stadium will still feature the new logo? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the newer one for the same reasons, more or less, as zen. Overall, it's very similar to the old one, but it has a cleaner look to it. I don't see it as a new one so much as an updated version of the old one for the vector graphics era. Maybe it's a bit cartoonish, but not overly so.

One advantage the old one has over the new one, though, is the number of Grey Cups won with it.


That old button is a good example of why we had to update the logo. It is (my guess) from the eighties or earlier and is a much cleaner version of the logo than anything we had available to us when we inherited the bankrupt team in 2004.

But even then, the problem with a logo based on a pen and ink sketch is that it cannot be sewn with any accuracy, even with modern sewing equipment. So while it looked good on printed materials such as the button or even on a helmet, it looked awful when sewn into a cap or as a patch. And, for better or worse, our fans demand (they buy) much more sewn merchandise than printed items.
All just fyi.

Makes perfect sense, and I agree, but when larger, like the back of my old Tiger-Cats parka, the sewn patch is simply amazing!

it's the detail, that makes it so incredible, but alas, i realize that that is not practical for the more prevalent smaller iterms like caps.

But if we can have both, then great.

BTW, my 21 year old son bought this hat this year


And how cool is this:


I like the new logo more, I like that it has more of a Siberian Tiger look then a Bengal Tiger

I grew up in the 80's with the old logo but I totally LOVE the new one. It is much cleaner, sharper and has a bigger impact on t-shirts, caps and other merchandise. The new logo is all over my house from family members wearing shirts to all kinds of other merchandise and I never get tired of looking at it. The Ti-cats have the best logo in the CFL and I'm proud to display it on my shirts and jerseys. That is as long as we're winning. :wink:

Compromise ; New logo but go back to gold helmets, make the gold in pants, sweaters , etc. darker like it was in the past and can the red.

I like both for different reasons, still have an old Ticats windbreaker with the old one and old CFL helmet and love it but love the red tongue, priceless for me.

I have the hoodie you pictured Cap'n, and it is far and away my favorite hoodie. I have lots of stuff, with both logos. There is always a nice selection of Vintage logo gear at TigerTown.

I"ve come to accept the new logo as equal with the old. The old definitely looks better in larger scale such as sweat shirts and jackets whereas the new is better on golf shirts and caps.

Accepting Caretaker's explanation of why the change was made, I think they did a great job of modernizing it. I know not everyone agrees, but I like the red tongue and the the matching option it provides to include a bit of red trim on uniforms as they have on the gold pants and jerseys. I expect the use of the Patriots' style Tiger Head logo, that one Labour Day, was more of a serious trial ballon than a one day promotion and appreciate the fact that the club was respectful of the fans' lack of acceptance of it. I thought it too was very good. Wouldn't want it replacing the leaping tiger design, because of the history and tradition, but wouldn't mind it being used in some fashion -- perhaps on jersey shoulders, with the shoulder numbers shifted to the upper arms, and the main logo remaining on the helmets.

IMHO the old Logo was more fierce and in line with the Tiger Cats reputation, However the new logo is very good for marketing , esp to the younger generations, Perhaps a hybred of the two would be good for the next incarnation.

Thanks for your interest in our opinions Caretaker!!

There both mighty fine Bob. :thup: :smiley: