Poll on Coaches Challenges

I say keep it as is with a penalty and loss of time out for being wrong

The change I'd like to see - checking first to see if the on-field officials saw the infraction and decided that it didn't affect the play - isn't on the list. So I went with keep as is. I would also like to see the review official use the same judgement as the on-field officials and not call the illegal contact penalty if it had no impact.

(I'd also like to see the review official get the call right every time. But perhaps that's too much to ask for.)

I'd like to see cheerleaders while waiting for a decision from the command center. I'd feel less in a hurry that way.


But show cheerleaders anyway like Phil said :smiley: [/i]

I voted "Keep it as is with penalty if wrong".

The issue is not the new rule, but rather the coaches discretion IMO.

I would like it to either be only PI and illegal contact for both offence and defense. OR keep as is but the penalty can only be called if it would actually effect the play. So no penalty for roughing the passer if a hand hit his helmet after the ball was thrown, no penalty for down field blocking on the opposite side of the field. (That got the Esks against Montreal, I was LIVID! It made me hate the CFL that day).

Honestly, it's a terrible system as is. Once the NFL regular season comes, i'll likely only be watching and attending my Eskimo games. Thursday Sundays and Mondays will likely be NFL days, unless my Esks are playing. That's how unenjoyable it is with the challenge system is to watch in CFL (and I love this league and want to love it, but when the Esks played the Blue Bombers, it was the first time in my life I sat bored and wanting to go home in the second quarter. O'Shea challenged back to back plays and it took over 10 minutes). :thdn:

Get rid of it!

If the last 3 mins plus OT is only reviewable by the command center, then why not the first 57 minutes? Remove all sideline bias from officiating.

Reviews and challenges need to go.

Let the rulingnon the field stand so refs can do thier jobs, and so the pace of the game doesnt suffer.

Thisnyear with penalties, reviews, and challenges I find my self turning games off by half time.

Why are you so eager to tell us that you're a weak minded follower of American things? I mean... they can do EVERYTHING better, no?

Did he say all American things are better? No! He's saying that being able to practically challenge everything (and the way things are going, the CFL product is becoming unwatchable and I agree with him! It's becoming SO unwatchable that he's wanting to watch another league to get his football fix. Can't disagree with him there either!

Did he say all American things are better? No! He's saying that being able to practically challenge everything (and the way things are going, the CFL product is becoming unwatchable and I agree with him! It's becoming SO unwatchable that he's willing to watch another league to get his football fix. Can't disagree with him there either!

Agree with PD72. Get rid of coaches' challenges and let the eye in the sky/command centre overturn and obvious bad calls or call any obvious missed penalties (and of course continue reviewing turnovers and scoring plays automatically).
Let the on-field refs' use their own judgement to call the close ones (they tend to be right most of the time) or not call close ones that are away from the play (at their discretion).
That will keep the game flowing better IMO.

I think coach's challenge makes sense largely because the speed of the play makes it such that officials will always miss calls.

I would put a time limit on reviews during the regular season: if the command center can't figure it out in say, a minute, then the play stands. During playoffs I would remove the time limit.

Also, only actions that directly affect the outcome of the play should be challengeable.

That being said, my biggest beef is the amount of flags. I wanna see the players play, I do not want to have exciting plays be continually called back. Some rules should therefore be relaxed to improve the flow of the game. PI, roughing the passer and illegal blocks on returns need to be addressed IMO.

Oh and yes, more cheerleaders. :thup:

Get rid of the ability to challenge illegal contact.

Get rid of all of it; challenges and the entire video review system. It has killed the Canadian game. I haven't watched a game since the command centre blew two late PI calls in the Ottawa/Sask game in week 5 and essentially deciding the game.

The command centre can't get the calls right even with the ability to watch multiple angles, multiple times at a variety of speeds, the on field officials have no reason to improve their game since the command centre and coaches question their every call as it happens during the game and of course the endless delays that suck the life and entertainment value out of a game has made the CFL completely unwatchable.

I have lurked occasionally but haven't posted in over a month, nor watched a game, because I've completely lost interest in the league. I hate to say the NFL is better than the CFL, but on video review they are, and about 20 years ahead of the CFL. The NFL knew their system was beyond repair, like the CFLs, but they were smart enough to kill it and walk away until they could bring it back in a workable form. Appears the CFL is not that smart and that's damn insulting to say you are not as smart as the No Fun League.

I said it in my last post and I stand by it; Canadian football is dead and the CFL killed the game.

I was torn between keep it with a penalty and just get rid of it altogether.

I wouldn't mind a trial period of keeping it with a penalty, but if that doesn't improve the flow pretty quickly, I'd go for just getting rid of it altogether.

NO! Vehemently disagree and have disagreed ever since the hankies were brought in.

Everyone who is for replay always insists that they want it in order to get the right call. But coaches ARE NOT INTERESTED in the right call, only a call that works for them. Remove the sideline bias from the decision. let the neutral officials and the command center handle everything.

If the officials on the field are unsure and want to check something, let them. If the command center saw something and wants to review it, let them. Leave the coaches right out of it.

No hankies, no frivolous challenges and no DoG penalties.

Exactly. Well said.

Coaches challenges made sense in an era where we had no tool to trigger a review. Bad call costs you a touchdown? Throw the flag. That made sense.

Today, we have lots of tools in place to review plays and correct calls automatically, and those tools get better all the time. Coaches don't need to keep the flag in their pocket for fear of needing it on a big play, because the big play will get corrected by the eye in the sky, or an automatic scoring play review, or being inside the three minute warning, or whatever. As a result, they're blowing the flags on fishing expeditions to try and get calls that were best not made.

If the tool is no longer needed, remove it. Let the command center handle it.

Lol who said that, also NFL doesn't have the same challenge system.

Scoring plays
Pass complete/incomplete/intercepted
Runner/receiver out of bounds
Recovery of a loose ball in or out of bounds
Touching of a forward pass, either by an ineligible receiver or a defensive player
Quarterback pass or fumble
Illegal forward pass
Forward or backward pass
Runner ruled not down by contact
Forward progress in regard to a first down
Touching of a kick
Other plays involving placement of the football
Whether a legal number of players is on the field at the time of the snap

CFL rules

? Whether a player has possession of ball in opponent's goal area
? Whether a field goal or kicked convert travels between the uprights and over
the crossbar
? Whether a kicked ball goes dead in opponent's goal area
? Whether a player with possession of ball goes dead in own goal area
? Whether a field goal or convert attempt scores or is missed
? Whether a pass is complete, incomplete or intercepted
? Whether a receiver is forced out near a boundary line
? Who recovers a loose ball in field of play or goal area
? Whether a fumbled ball is recovered immediately
? Whether a ball carrier fumbles or is down with contact, out of bounds or
? Whether a ball carrier was down with contact when the play has been
allowed to continue
? Whether a pass is forward or onside
? Whether a passer has passed or fumbled the ball
Touching of the Ball that is Not in Possession of a Player
? Whether a forward pass is touched by a defensive player
? Whether a forward pass is touched by an illegible receiver *
? Whether a kicked ball has been touched by a player called for contacting the
? Who and where all kicked balls are first touched *
? Who last touched a loose ball before it goes out of bounds
Boundary Line Rulings
? Whether ball carrier stepped on sideline if not ruled out of bounds on field
? Whether kick from scrimmage went out of bounds in flight *
? Whether a player gains possession of a kick in bounds or out of bounds
? Whether a player participates illegally on a play – illegal participation *
Other Situations
? Whether a pass is onside or offside
? Whether a player is onside or offside on kicks from scrimmage, open field
kicks or dribbled balls *
? Whether a passer is behind or beyond the line of scrimmage on a forward
pass *
? Whether two forward passes occur on the same play *
? Whether a 1st down had been gained on a 3rd down attempt
? Whether forward progress has been ruled correctly on the field
? Whether a turnover occurs as a direct result of a major foul during the tackle
or attempted tackle that was not called *
? Whether a Team A player commits Illegal Interference on a player
attempting to field a kick off *

I don't know about you but I notice a big difference, gasp.

And as a fan watching the game with HD on my humungous screen, or watching the replay on the stadium screen, I'm interested in the right call being made - at least for key plays. Don't really care what the coaches think about it.

Problem is, when they seem to blow a couple of calls that go the way of a particular team, the zebras don't appear unbiased anymore. Reviews are a fine way to dispel that perception.