Poll: Off Season Football Talk


  • We can keep on re-using the existing 'Off-Season Talk' thread because we have yet to have on 'on-season'.
  • A new 'Off-Season Talk' thread is required!

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Before I cast my vote may have to explain the difference between the two options.

Not sure what the new one means.

Look down the threads a couple. People still using the old OffSeason one. I just started a stupid thread because the board, like the season, is dead.

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In this proposed new thread, since there is no football to speak of, could we talk about politics and conspiracy theories?

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you mean like the theories that Sheer, Singh, and the media like to fantasize about lately? :slight_smile:

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if one starts a new thread, then it can be possible to pretend that the season did happen. But not until Dec :slight_smile:

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Hows about the CFL refuses to sell tickets to anti-vaxxers . :grinning: Another idea would be to restrict the TiCat site to TiCat fans only . The longer this off season lasts , the more whacky ideas will look mainstream . Everybody knows pizza shops are really child porn centres .

Pat Lynch (How do you spell Q ? )


I havent been to the ticat site in a long time anyhow :slight_smile:

cue? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



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Here's an infographic that I found that I don't undestand in the least. BUT IT'S RELEVENT!


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