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Where is the none of the above choice. This is killing me having to wait…

Let’s find out how others feel

Give them some more time

Yes, speed is an issue, but the most important thing is content. This new site looks great BUT there are no major changes with respect to content. Its like they slapped on a new coat of paint on the old site. However, i voted “Give them some more time” because i want to see what they will do with the site once the season rolls around.

My answer wasn’t in the options:

“I’ll answer when I see how they process players’ statistics.”

good point

how bout…the speed thing really isnt an issue anymore cuz they fixed that or ive just gooten so used to it that it doesnt matter. my only complaints is the white, i need to put on some sunglasses everytime is visit here; and the type is small, but im sure it can be fixed.