Poll of the Week

Okay, I know that a large percentage of the regulars are Rider fans and we can sometimes tend to be a tad biased, but this weeks poll is just bad. Rookie of the year in the West? T.J. Stancil is winning the vote. Don't get me wrong, I like Stancil. I think we have found a future all-star linebacker, but he was a back-up to fill-in on injuries. Sandro DeAngelis and Tony Tompkins are starters and both have made a huge impact on their team this year. Tompkins is not even close in the poll. Why do people who vote not take it seriously? Rather than just checking off the Rider?

Go Riders!!

For the record, I didn't vote for Stancil. He's good, but he's not great.

When he has played he's been good, but it has only been in replace of Jackie Mitchell who is injured. He is a good player, yes, but the other guys have been pretty consistant all season.

pretty hard not to vote for Tomy Tompkins...............a future all star........and a easy rookie of the year with the numbers he has put up..........and specially on the team he places with

I didn't vote yet, but I'd probably vote for DeAngelis, he did cool off towards the end of the season, but that streak he started the season with was amazing.

no love for walls here??? it was not his fault he played on a poor team.

That's where my vote went.....

I would vote for walls, but I am not authorized by cfl.ca to vote in the pole

I didnt vote for him either, I voted for Tompkins. Hes very talented.

If you want scientific results, you'll have to make a scientific pole. And you can't do that on here. So maybe, the question should be, what is the purpose of the pole? Maybe you shouldn't bother with them.

well the purpose of the pole is to give the bomber cheerleaders something to stand beside for pictures. the reason for the poll on the other hand is much less interesting.

I'm glad to see that most of the recent topics have drifted off towards cheerleaders in some form or another. :slight_smile: There may be some people on here that want to talk about other things, but I'm not sure why they'd want to.

Hopefully the pole is used for more than just standing beside, but I spose those would be different kinds of pictures. :slight_smile:

I voted Gavin Walls in that poll.

I usually don't even look at the poll of the week, because even on the rare occasion when it's something I care about, I know that people will just vote for their own team (read: Roughriders) and there will be no real meaning in the poll's result.

I think Tompkins really deserved the rookie of the year award. A very talented individual, and going to be a future star int his league. I’m actually pretty upset that he isn’t representing the west.

Tompkins was good this year and was Walls so it had to be one or the other.

In my view Walls was tops, Deangelis was a close second, and Tompkins was behind him. But thats my view. All should have very good careers.