Poll of the week

Well its good to see the Riders can win polls lol, recent poll on cfl.ca puts Riders ahead by 34%
sorry I dont agree.
this would be my picks for Wests best LInebacking crews.

  1. Calgary - obvious choice & best in the League
  2. Edm
  3. BC
  4. Sask
  5. Winnipeg

BC & Sask are really close maybe even tied. Gass probably the best linebacker in the
League, but the duo of Grace & White simply cant be beat. And Winnipeg is obviously last

Looks like alot of people really care what you say on this site Detor.
Next poll why don't you say which is the coolest smile face?
At least people respond to my posts.

now that wasn't that nice was it.
I would put Sask's ahead of Edmontons and BC. but thats me and I am biased

This is a pretty good post.
Lots of people sure responded to this one.
Good job Detor.Keep up the good work.

NP Billy I would expect nothing less from someone is desperatley lashing out after being humiliated time after time...... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Truth hurt Detor.
No one really cares what you got to say!!!!

i think edmonton has the best linebacking w/ aj gass

I second that!

See Detor nobody cares about what you say!!
If I didn’t say anything on this post.It would of had no comments.
I say something,everyone reads it.
I am entertaining.YOU are ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

ehem saskargo aren't you forgetting something at the end of your post there?


Just terrible! What next?

Detor will write something that every one will read!!!

LOL...Oooohhhhhh, I bet that that one hurt saskargo. Good on you for sticking to your word!

Thank spankee.
Congrats on the win.You deserve it.
I got that rider pride.Well at least for a week!!!!

I hate to say it, but this week is going to be very entertaining. I respect you for keeping your word saskargo, thanks for being a good sport.

Someone please tell the Ex-queen that she is beneath me... therefore garners no direct response.....also tell her that no one responded because they all agreed with me and acknowledge the fact it was an unbiased opinion based on facts.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Please tell the chicken.To write something that everyone wants to read.
I would write him,but he is to good for me.
He is so smart.
Who is the best L.B. in the league?duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Here is a better question.Who puts everyone on this site to sleep?
I give you a hint?Q.B. for bombers in the 70s and 80s.Last name BROCK!!!!

Now I know why his name is Detor!!
BROCK,BROCK,BROCK.Isn't that what a chicken says!!!!