Poll- new DC. Who do you think it will be?

OK gang...this poll is not about your own personal choice. Its who you think will get the job. Thanks.

Stubler :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

We could call him Stubby a new Sudsy :lol:

It won't be Hall or Marshall, as they are still in the running for the Edmonton head coaching job. So I'm thinking it will either be Stubler, Dave Richie (worked with Obie before) or Jim Daley (worked with Bellefuelle before).

I think it will be Richie Hall. He will be disappointed if he doesn't get the job in Edmonton but I could see him becoming the head coach here in Hamilton if anything happens to MB. MB only has a year left on his original contract. Even if the Cats make the playoffs at 8-10 next year, there is no guarantee that he is back the following year.

I know this is not the way Richie wants to get the job but it already happened to MB here, why not him.

I think the big problem in coming to Hamilton is that there is no future beyond this year. As I said above, MB has 1 year left and the coaches will be his this year. What if MB is just as terrible as Chuckie, we will be going through this again.

As much as our team is headed in the right direction, we still offer no stability in our coaching positions. Just talk to Denny Creehan.

It could be someone else .. Maybe Dan Kempley would be my long shot..
He is firey and could be a good DC

I like to see Hall but with Edmonton & Toronto still looking for a head coaches
I could see this

Gotta agree with this one. Hoping for Richie Hall in Edmonton. C’mon Richie, we need you! you could be the guy!

Interesting seeing some new names tossed into the mix here......Dan Kepley, Dave Ritchie and Jim Daley.
I posted a while ago saying things have been too quiet regarding Rich Stubler. That usually means something is going on. I still think he will be the new DC......more so now because it looks like Richie Hall will be snapped up by Edmonton or the blue team. But who the heck knows what the canny ol' Obie has up his sleeve :wink: .

No idea but lots of excellent people around at any rate. :thup:

Just watched the 6 PM News Ken Welch of CHCH
Said Marcel dose not think DC Job will Filled to next week now


You mean we should add Santa Claus to the poll selections? :slight_smile:

i think marshal, Stublers d gives up to many rushing yds

Thing with Stubler is, it takes time, patience, and the right personnel to get the match defense working properly. You might have to put up with a crappy D for one year before things fall into place. Obie has to shore up the D-line and linebacking corps in order for the new DC (whoever he is) to be able to field a competitive defense.

I don't want any of those guys except for Hall

Stubler relies too much on vanilla zone coverages which would work great if every offensive coordinator in the league was named Joe Poapao or Steve Burratto. Trestman and Huffnagel and Ken Miller will pick apart zones all game like your D was made up of a bunch of practice pilons.

We need someone like Hall or Jones who is creative and finds ways to create preasure and not just sit back all game and let teams march up and down the field like Creehan did. Stubler is Creehan V.2

any of those candidates would be a great addition.but none are the winner. dont ask me how i know this cause its in the vault. the new dc has been hired but is tying up loose ends at his previous place of employment.hence the delay in the announcement. think outside the box.the last 2 choices came out of left field,gibson and jones. think the same way here. you'll be surprised, but then oh i never thought of him. good choice.

The difference with Stublers D was that his zone cover actually worked and won many games for the blue team. There are more teams that play bad zone than there are that play good zone.

I have never been a fan of zone to begin with as it often just allows many teams to one first down after another. I call it watch them catch it cover. Stublers zone however was very effective.

Stubler’s defense was also very experienced and had played together for years.
Was it successful because of the personel, or the schemes??

Let's rewind.

Stubler was successful in this league before Creehan was a blip on a CFL GM's radar. He has too many rings and No. 1 defence ratings on his resume to be lumped in with Creehan. I would take Stub's pressure schemes over Creehan's telegraphed whiffs any day of the week, but I digress.

What was Paopao's record as a head coach or offensive coordinator against Stubler-coached defences? Uh huh, not having the miniscule win total easy at hand. We agree on this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Burrato? More successful than Paopao to be sure, but not overwhelmingly so versus Stubler, or he would have more likely been a head coach longer in the league. A wash at best, but edge to Stubler.

Trestman/Hufnagel/Miller: that is more arguable especially if you take the 2008 Argo defensive output nto account. However, I think it's more of a stretch if you would put any of their teams against a prime Argo defence of recent years.

The issue isn't that Stubler's match coverage system is vanilla. It's dynamic, based on DBs reacting to receivers entering their zones, engaging in man coverage, and having backup by their colleagues over the top. It relies more on communication between the members of the secondary than any other approach I've seen. It tends to force the opposing offense to dink-and-dunk down the field. It's bend-and-don't-break to the max, and in three-down football, that kind of strategy can work if your d has the personnel to limit TD marches and cause turnovers.

Ask Calvillo, Dickenson, et al about what defences in the league over the years were the most challenging. Stubler's method is simple enough to see coming, but it doesn't give one much room for error. Seen too many pick-sixes by Steinauer and crew over the years to dismiss it.

These things being stated, I would love to see Less Browne, Ritchie Hall, or Rich Stubler hired. I am not sure whether Hall will be allowed to laterally move and I suspect Stubler is still being paid in T.O. coin after his dismissal. Time will tell.

Anyone is better than Creehan except Ed O'Neil. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

I sure wouldn't mind seeing Less Browne back in the CFL, good choice.

Good post Russ...nice to see you back. :rockin: