POLL: Literal or Creative Team Names in Thread Titles?

How about no references to two animals in the cat kingdom, Inuits, cow rustlers, cattle drivers, strategic aircraft, Greek mythology, or small songbirds??


Keep it up, Russ !!



Sorry, I find the 'creative' names goofy. Like listening to a verbose highlight reel announcer. Political correctness has nothing to do with it. Clarity and simplicity make for good reading. I'm still trying to figure out what the 'burn the witches' nonsense means.

you are new here… so it’s not surprising you wouldn’t understand it…

The Burn The Witches came from a constant hit and run crowd that would come on here after every TiCats loss and absolutely rip the team apart, calling for heads, trades and outright releases, management or Coach changes and so on…the were always on a Witch hunt for someone

Russ used this title for us to discuss the loss

Most of these people never posted on here before the game or even after a win… only losses, alternatively we also have the Kiss The Witches thread to discuss a win

You start the thread, you get to name it. It's that simple. Those who don't like the title or can't understand it are not obliged to click and read. The title does not exclude one from the discussion. If you don't understand, simply try to figure it out or ASK. Maybe you'll enjoy yourself a little by having learned something about the league, the team and it's fans. If you really don't like the thread names, then vote as such by not adding your input to the thread and/or stick with your own topic where you are more comfortable. I think the quality of discussion and diversity of opinion you will find in the impugned threads will bring you back.

Now, how do the Cats win round two against a (painful for me to say) good Argblow team?

Burn the witches, witch hunt etc = laying the blame

from Wiki : " often involving moral panic, or mass hysteria."

It's brilliant. After a loss, come here to witness panic and mass hysteria. I love it!

And of course, the opposite is true for "kiss the witches" when the tabbies win.


According to the votes cast there are only 58 of us in this tea-pot so in the interest of attracting more fans to the Board may I suggest a compromise of a combination of creativity and in brackets the more familiar nicknames (for those of us who have forgotten their Monty Python)?

Looking forward to Monday! :smiley:

How about we just let Russ make up the Gameday threads, like he has for years

More Kiss and less Burn!





Personally, I'm here to keep informed and to have fun. I voted for fun!

I like Russ' knowledge of our game and of the CFL in general

Please continue, Russ. :thup:

Thought I would chime in. Disclosure: I am a Tiger-Cats season ticket holder AND an Argos season ticket holder as well. Simply a huge CFL fan. Have never posted before but have been reading this board as a guest for years.

This subject however prompted me to join the CFL forum last week. Wasn't sure if I'd post but the thread about the game discussion lead me to my first post.

I did not vote but would certainly vote to use the literal name of each CFL team if I chose to. A vote seems silly and frankly is demeaning to this person who starts the threads with the odd names.

I see maybe 30 to 40 members who post almost daily - literally 100s of posts per month. But to be fair, these types of forums are for "all"...not just the "regulars". I absolutely hate it when someone points out "it's his/her first post", implying that their opinion does not count.

To be frank, for the 30 or so regulars on here, there are actually 1000s of readers country wide to these CFL forums, even world wide. So please stop voicing that he has 2000 posts so his opinion matters more-thats Crap.

I do like oskee oui oui's enthusiasm but to be 100% honest, the names that he uses are not fun but actually very strange!!!

Just one persons opinion.

In closing, I suggest Toronto vs Hamilton is the best way to go. If he wants to add his strange names into the thread, I commend him again for his enthusiasm.

In the end we all want to talk football - sensibly, not like we're in kindergarden!

My friend, people have different senses of humour. Some people are more serious and more literal minded than others. Perhaps the reason that so many like the "strange names" is that they bring a sense of some fun into boards that are usually dominated by serious talk. Maybe we can consider the occasional joke and piece of humour to actually BE politically correct diversity. Sort of our "humour quota" as it were. :slight_smile: