POLL: Literal or Creative Team Names in Thread Titles?

Well, one poster with a single thread has declared that many of us are unable to understand that a phrase like "Green Gang vs. All That is Good" might refer to an Eskimoes - Tiger-Cat game on a particular night. As a result, we should only use literal terms on the board. What say you?

Thank you for posting Mark

It should also be noted that the words Arg#s and Arg#nauts are frowned upon on this site

Whatever Russ chooses to call the game is good with me.

Slow news day, I guess. It will probably heat up in about 6 hours

I love the creative names. Hey if we’re not having any fun what’s the point right. :slight_smile:

I wonder where the "very many people on this forum" that don't like the creative names are. Perhaps they're confused by the title of this thread? 8)

So far there does not appear to be an overwhelming tide of opinion for the literalist position.

Nothing to see here....

Family morals have been depleted because of game day thread titles!

Confused me at first but I like it. :smiley:

22-1 with six "no probs" at 9:59 p.m. Clear?

Oski Wee Wee,



I really admire OWWs creativity. Look, its only an EIGHT TEAM league, if you can't figure it out don't cry to us showing your inability to think outside the box. You're probably not even a CAT fan anyway, just some wandering troll.

Keep up the inventive work Russ!

You du man Russ :smiley: :thup:

No issue here, keep them coming :thup:

Taking offense to the creative titles Russ uses to start a game thread proves some people will take offense to anything.

Perhaps they can't figure out which teams are referenced thus conclude their intelligence is being insulted.

Yea, maybe it is. Read better books.

I voted for the fun option......however, although this is a game, my expectation of the team is to be professional in all aspects. What better way to elevate our game? Perhaps us fans also need to elevate our comments and debates? Just a thought.

A truly inspiring thought too. But not going to happen. We are fans. Which means we let our emotions rule. We are way too happy when the "Cats win, and waaay too pessimistic when they lose.

I voted in favour of having fun. It is always very easy to criticise efforts to be creative or funny. Simply because so many of those efforts fail. Always safer to be conservative and not take a risk. But then what's the fun of that? :smiley:

Agree, if you can't have fun with sports, then not worth it to be a fan.

Well said. :thup: :thup:

I appreciate this highly instructional thread.

Oski Wee Wee,