POLL: Is Vince Young BAD for the CFL?


Ever since it was announced that the Riders had signed Vince Young, Riderfans have had Vince Young fever. Contrary to Rider fans, other fans got "the runs" when they heard Vince Young was going to (attempt) to play in the CFL.

Lets take a look at this Vince Young dude. :cowboy:

Vince Young the quarterback.

In 60 NFL games, Young threw 51 interceptions (and only 46 Touchdown passes) and had 21 fumbles. The guy cannot protect the football. Too bad the football isn't a ham and bacon sandwich. He would protect it with his life!

He played on teams with an offense based on the run game. For most of his years with the Titans, Chris Johnson the running back was the engine of the offence. All Young had to do was manage the game and protect the football. He FAILED at that one task he had to do.

Furthermore, his NFL career completion percentage is a paltry 57.9%, and his QB rating an equally dismal 74.4. All the guy had to do was dink and dunk the football for short passes in a run heavy offense, and all he could manage was 57.9% :thdn:

For those who mention his college football championship, and suggest he will be successful in the CFL because of his college accomplishments; HOGWASH! Chris Leak won a national championship, and he sucked in the CFL. Troy Smith won the Heisman trophy, and he sucked in the CFL!

Vince Young the person.

Here are some Vince Young events (the links follow):

[b]Since winning the BCS National Championship 10 years ago and being drafted third overall by the Tennessee Titans, Young has often made headlines for less pleasant reasons.

The following season, Young’s career with the Titans came to an end after he threw his shoulder pads into the crowd [b]and had an argument with his head coach, Jeff Fisher.

In 2010, Young found himself in trouble following an altercation at Dallas strip-club.

In 2012, Young reportedly had money troubles due to spending habits including a $6,000 bill at T.G.I. Friday’s.

Two years ago, Young filed for bankruptcy despite earning millions during his playing career.

Former Texas Longhorn great Vince Young was arrested on Sunday for DWI.

http://www.hookem.com/2016/01/25/a-brie ... as-career/



So, a mediocre quarterback and a guy who has caused problems for himself and others. Do we really want this guy in our beloved league?

Is Vince Young BAD for the CFL?

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy: [/i]

The Vince Young signing is neither good nor bad. Time will tell what kind of QB the guy is - if he stays healthy and can insinuate himself into the 12 man game.

The signing speaks rather to the desperation surrounding Riders management - Kevin Glenn is going on 39, he's rather immobile for a guy who's barely over 5'8" and he's relatively easy to defend once you establish ruining his rhythm.

Despite his great career stats - more a product of time and getting huge reps for most of his pick-ups - he's not a compelling CFL personality who can sell tickets on his own accord - not that selling tickets will be a problem for the riders the next two to four years (or more).

So you takes your chances with an NFL mope like Vince and hope like the dickens he'll produce wins. Note I said wins - more important to have Ws in regina now that King Korky decided to dispatch Durant - for probably no more than he's not his type of guy!

So I didn't vote cuz the 3rd option (yet to be proven) wasn't on the board! :cowboy:

Thanks for the well stated reply Lyle. The 3rd option you speak of has been added to the poll.

Thanks for another well timed post Johnny. :thup:

I voted NO. Here is why.

IMO, he is going to be a complete flop.

That is why I think he will be great for the CFL.

It will send a clear statement, to all south of the border washed up has-beens.

That statement : " just because your career is tanked and you made a ton of screw ups, do not think you will come to the CFL cause your agent told you it is easy to play in a semi-pro minor league " :lol: :lol:


but Young seems to get that it won't be a cakewalk

I must have missed where Young came out and said this whole thing was going to be easy. The way I read his statements is he sees this as an opportunity to do the thing he loves and he has to work his as s off to make it work. Let me guess, motivating others to be successful, to dream and go for it, otherwise giving people the benefit of the doubt, all attributes of a leader, an invaluable friend is not really your thing. Rather you prefer the tear down, condesending and glass 3/4 empty approach. To each his own I guess.

This is great press for the CFL whether he makes it or not. Can not deny that when this news broke that everyone in the States picked up on it and it was discussed all over.

He may be a neutral thing for the CFL but I can't see how it is bad. There has been a lot of media that has followed this and for the most part people are liking it....I don't see how that can be "bad." From Bo to Moon to avid Young fans...there is a lot of enforcement of this move....so whether he works out or not it should be at minimum a neutral thing

This is a ridiculous question/poll. The Vince Young signing is a win win for the league. IF he fails it makes the league look strong in that a decorated big name QB can’t compete against CFL talent. It’s a win!

Now just imagine if he does well, which I think he will. It will be big time publicity for the league. Espn, Foxsports, & all the big name USA sports entities will be religiously following the CFL. Massive win for the league.

Anyone who says this is bad for the league obviously has an agenda because they know damn well IF Young stil has it, it means all eyes will be on the hated Riders & their new football palace!

With all due respect... you're totally delusional.

Migs is right ,it has been huge with the coverage it had picked up. More people now know about the league then before he signed.

When all you do is resort to personal attacks, you've already lost the debate


....Heh....you stole my line..............Vince is trying to reinvigorate his career...His motto ' help Vince Young be great again' is somewhat incredulous..How many times and chances has he blown in the past....and he's not a young man anymore, at least in terms of a very tough game..football...Young in name only....He's got a mountain to climb...I think the riders would've been better off keeping and using a roster spot for Gale than this guy..but in the end Corky and company will have to account for their actions..

VY NEVER said that.

I was stating the general perception of the CFL in the US.
In fact some Canadians as well.

That the CFL is "minor league semi-pro, so it must be easy."

Some Rider fans are just taking this as a dig against them.
I would have said the same stuff regardless of what team VY went to.
People are just underestimating the impact of a 5 year break is.
That and that he has no knowledge of the unique differences of the Canadian game.

That is why I voted NO. It will not be bad.
If he tanks, then it will be a clear statement that " CFL is not as easy as Americans think".

For the FYI to some on this board as well.

" lets get Johnny Manzel up here "
" lets get Tim Tebow up here "

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Make no mistake about it , Vince Young will be GREATfor the CFL .
As a matter of fact I'm going out on a limb and predicting that Vince will tear it up this year for the Riders . The Riders will run roughshod through the league this season and will surprise everyone by winning a minimum of at least 16 games on their way to having the best record in the league .

Young will no doubt throw for anywhere between 40 to 50 TD passes , have 1,000 + yards rushing and close to 6,000 yds in passing . This will no doubt lead to Vince being named as the unanimous runaway winner of the leagues MOP award and Jones will be the unanimous landslide winner of the COY award . So bookmark this page for future reference , because it's going to happen..........Oh YEAAHH !!!!!!

Yup you heard it here first , no doubt about it in my mind......."Vince Will Make Vince Great Again"which will "Make The Riders Great Again"which will... "Make The CFL Great Again in The U.S of A." :smiley: 8)

No he's not, he's 100% bang on. There's already been an ESPN interview that wouldn't have happened without him signing. The anti-Riders anything attitude on this lame excuse of a message board is pure comedy. The moderators and CFL may want to take note the extremely low traffic on this site is because Rider fans won't come here for obvious reasons. There's what, ten or so of you that rule the roost here, and what is supposed to be a CFL message board suffers as a result.

Should be another wonderful candidate for Chris Jones

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2700220-seahawks-trevone-boykin-arrested-after-car-he-was-in-crashed-into-dallas-bar?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2700 ... =editorial[/url]

Anyone who voted yes to this goofy poll should read this story.

[url=http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NFL/2017/03/22/Seven-Years-Sober-Leigh-Steinberg-sees-himself-in-Vince-Young-comeback-clients/4311490150471/ph3/]http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NFL/2017 ... 50471/ph3/[/url]

I already had voted no, I read it anyways, thanks for posting.

Chris O'Leary?Verified account
A side note in this Leigh Steinberg story: Jarious Jackson is either in TX now or was there working out Vince Young.

I concur. It's boring. It's childish.

Of course the 4 or 5 posters who have driven anyone who wants to talk actual football away won't care cuz it allows them to continue with their hatred laced puerile commentary and rule the roost.

Just a reminder why I stayed away for 7 years and will probably do so again. I'm only interested in talking football not engaging in childish name calling and posting nothing but insults and schoolyard playground zone antics.