Poll: Is the Porter experiment over for THIS season?

I've seen this mentioned a few times tonight already.

Keep in mind that he still may have potential for the future and this poll is NOT addressing that. We're talkng about the rest of THIS season's 4 games.


The Poor Kid is Shellshocked…

It is for me and has been for awhile. Unfortunately, MB hasn't agreed.

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8) And to think Tom, you were right all along. :thup:

I am undecided. Porter needs to sit as long as the team is as unprepared to play as it was tonight and against Montreal 2 weeks ago. Problem is that Glenn won’t win with line play and play calling like that either. Start Hudson.


I don't think it matters who you start. We are going to struggle to get points and move the ball.

We don't have a great offensive plan to begin with. We half heartidly try to run the football and give up after a stop or in the case of tonite, we run on 2nd and long.

It's funny that we still are in 2nd place and it seems like we are out of the playoffs. Anyone else have that feeling?

Yes!!!! I didn't see this coming. The team was unprepared. How can you not be ready for this type of game?

I thought we learned our lesson a couple weeks ago from Montreal but I guess we didn't.

I've been confused by the starting QB decision since the home opener. If the idea was to develop Porter why thrust him into the starter's role right from the first game? If we signed a veteran player to be the insurance policy, why not start him in the home opener and bring the protege in gradually? We may have rushed a high potential athlete and ruined him.

To answer the OP's question, yes, the experiment is over. It should have been over a few games ago. Now the playoffs are an uncertainty.

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By the Way I’d Buy Stock in WWE and Coke a Cola. :lol:

No you were called a traiter because of your garbage mouth, your insistence that you were going to quit coming to games and more. The fact you have a man love for Kevin Glenn wasn't any part of it

But is Glenn that much better?

I don't think that it matters who we start. We are out coached and game planned on offense before we even his the field each week.

I am at a point now where it is not Porter vs Glenn anymore. It's our OC vs their DC and it's their DC that's going to win.

We are still in 2nd place. If the season ended today, we would host a playoff game.

People, we are still in this thing. Let's support our players, who ever that is who plays, and hope we can pull out a couple victories and play a meaningful game in November.

I have zero confidence in our OC right now. That is one coaching position we aren't strong enough in. Hopefully during film work this week, he has an epiphany and comes up with solid game plans for the next 4 oponents.

I voted that this sad excuse for an experiment is over but I truly will not be surprised if Marcel starts him again next week. The man just does not get it.

Is Glenn that much better. Maybe not. But if he had starter's reps all year instead of having to watch MB's golden boy in there every day getting first reps, I believe he would be a lot better at this point of the season. I also believe we could run a more complex and effective offense instead of having to dumb it down for our rookie QB. Will Glenn make a huge difference in the remaining games, probably not. It will take him a few games to get comfortable but with any luck, he will be ready for the final game of the year. That's, of course, if we are still in it at that time.
And I doubt that.

I don't believe they are dumbing it down. I believe they are that dumb

Face It ....Marcel has blown it for us. Everyone was crying to put in Glenn two games ago.
If he had this playoff situation would not be so critical.

lol yea you could be right AKT. That's even more scarey.

If this " thing " with Porter isn't over yet in Marcel's plans.
Then....like it or not...the simple fact is that I question his position, as a Head Coach.
This is a pro/sports team. Not someone's idea of a "personal school for a learning QB" :thdn:
Marcel's experiment with Porter "will" more likely than not...cost our Cats a play-off spot in 2009.
Another classic example of inexperiance.

Well I have been questioning Marcel’s credibility as a coach for a number of games. I’ve come to the conclusion he is not head coach material. A head coach has to make tough decisions. I don’t think he is capable of doing this. Sitting Caulley for as long as he has, McIntyre for as long as he has. and of course there is his reluctance to hurt his golden boy’s feelings at the expense of the team. he may be a nice guy but that does not make him a good coach.