Poll: if the team moves to Burlington, I will...

Just wondering.

A year ago, I would've said quit the team. Now, not so much.

This is my team and going to Aldershot is no different then Confederation Park, and they wont build it in my backyard so .. build it close by and I will be there.

no idea. Probably stay at home if I cannot retain my CAT team job

Just curious, would it matter to you if they are the Burlington Ticats?

I just don't get the quit the team ideology. The team is moving because it has no other choice.

Do you stop being someone's friend if they have to buy a new house in the next city?

Some people get lost in their own delusions.

To be honest it would bother me, loosing the Hamilton tag would only add to the decay of this City. But matter ? No I'd attend either way. Cant beat em .. join em, fact is I have given up on this city with this council.

Continue to go to as many games as I can and wear my TigerCat clothing very proudly. I am a TigerCat fan for life.

WHAT A GARBAGE POST< Why would you not support the ticats......

Well said.

This Poll is MISSING an option ...Not that I BELIEVE, for a second, that it is anything but a smoke screen by Bob Young ... but , if he were able to get this thing built in Burlington ... at the site which happens to be a STONES throw from my front door ... but,

I would PROMPTLY contact the Toronto Argonauts and purchase a couple of Flex packs.

My LOATHING of Bob Young continues to FESTER ...

Do the RIGHT thing, Young, SELL the team to someone who gives a RATS ASS about Hamilton.


Bob gives enough of a RATS ASS that he let his WALLET do the TALKING and rescued the team from OBLIVION in 2003. Can't say that for YOU or any of these IMAGINARY BUYERS you keep talking about.

My friends have stated that if the Stadium is in a good location they would get Season Tickets !!



Jeanstreak - Stump......... Perhaps you should both take your LOATHING and self confessed hate somewhere else.

Wimpycat.......what i loathe and hate is GREED......perhaps when you grow up, and learn to think for yourself you will understand.

Jeanstreak - Stump, I am well past the coolaid stage in my life. If you are refering to "Jonestown" be my guest and go first. As far as growing up, how's your mom's basement key board warrior?

Them moving To Burlington is Better for me ... But nothing major will Change for me

To suggest that Bob Young doesn't care about the team or the people who support it is sheer nonsense.

He bought it out of bankruptcy, invested heavily in it, and is losing gobs of money for his troubles. Now he's trying to secure a long term future for the team at a site he believes will accomplish that, and he gets called selfish and greedy, and a "little prick" (on Spec website comments), and is "loathed" by some posters here.

Such venomous remarks bring much discredit to the unhappy posters who make them. Fortunately, they do nothing at all to diminish the great efforts made and major expense incurred by Bob Young on behalf of the team.

I appreciate Mr. Young and am grateful for his efforts. For the disturbed people who find it necessary to abuse him, I offer pity and hope they will find 2011 a happier year.

Greedy because he doesn't want to lose any more money???