POLL: If tackling were eliminated from the CFL..

...due to CTE/dementia concerns, which of the following changes would you prefer (or not) to see the game evolve?

Oh yes, flag football would go over real well.

I have seen some pretty exciting flag football played by non pros, including myself :slight_smile:

I think it would be great with pros.

I would watch every game I could.

I know what travelpat would pick :wink:

Let's go back to the pre 1930s CFL - no line of scrimmage, no forward pass -- ............it's called Rugby

But if it's about less head injuries then maybe it's time to eliminnate the helmet. There are less concussions in Rugby, players in football playing without helmets wouldn't lead with their heads, would be more cautious when tackling and blocking.

Already exists, it's called basketball. :wink:

are you sure you are not thinking of Frisbee ball?

Geez, off season is brutal for thread topics. :frowning:

The Line of Scrimmage was introduced into Canadian football in 1880, which has always differentiated Canadian rugby football from English rugby (scrum).

If getting a player in the grasp was enough... obviously, runningbacks would be obsolete almost though. Then flag players for choosing to tackle instead of simply pushing out of bounds or just getting the player in his grasp. The NFL already penalizes players for clean hits that arew done extremely hard.

They penalize and fine players for hits that do not conform to the rules that the league has established.

That the NFL finally being smart enough to try to limit the degree of destruction that can be inflicted on the field doesn't pass muster with you speaks volumes about you.

Same as most contact sports, the armor needs to be replaced with pads.

What? No “Use pinch tackler/tacklee” option? :slight_smile:

If tackling were eliminated from the CFL..WHAT THE !!!!!! Thought they brought that in last year????? What gives???????

             Loyal Rider Fan!! Shucks!!!! Ride'm up Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just do rugby-style tackling that requires you to wrap, we don't even wear helmets and we do fine