Poll: If everything were Equal.. NFL or CFL?

ok so, let's say that in 2013 the CFL suddenly has the same money that the NFL has.

they can now afford to pay players Millions per year, and have no money issues at all.

Where do you think players would go?

if a Player were a Free Agent in both the CFL or the NFL.. and he could make the same in either league..

where would they go?

...NFL, why would the player leave his own country?...

True but then Eric Lindros turned down QC and wouldn't he have made the same money regardless if it was QC or Philly? :?

…not relevant really…besides, playing in Philly or QC?..comparable?..I dunno, I’ve never been to either city, but I’d probably choose Philly over QC simply for language ease and cheesesteaks…

Never been to Philly but QC is friggin awesome from the 5 or 6 times I've been there. I would have chosen QC or Philly in a heartbeat, either way I'm a multimillionaire... big time...

There are tons of endorsement deals available to American athletes, especially in larger markets. These deals often exceed the athlete’s team salary. These deals are much less common in Canada, and far less lucrative. Add in the even more limiting effect of being in the only french portion of the continent, and Lindros was looking at a whole big pile of missing income opportunity if he had gone to QC

...besides the above comment by h-e-h which is completely valid, this isn't about you Earl, it's about a hypothetical american football star...the average american sees Canada as a snowy wasteland, and I doubt football players are any better educated than average, so why would he go anywhere but home?...also, the NFL has been hyped for years as 'the league' to play in, why would that change overnight?...

Sorry, but this is a rather absurd poll. Why would Americans choose the CFL even if salaries were equal? They grew up dreaming of playing in their own domestic league. The name "CFL" barely registers. It's a bit like asking whether Canadian hockey players would choose the NHL or the KHL.

That said, many imports who've played even just a few years in the CFL seem to love it. But it's still a skewed poll.

so if you were An American, and the Eskimos' Tillman called you up and said "hey, I think you could be a superstar in the CFL and we'll pay you $6 Million dollars a season to come up here!"

you'd say NO??? wow...

Everything.equal, 95 percent at least the guy stays in his country he is most/knowledgeabe/comfortable with.

because all pro athletes when they see 7 figure salaries their eyes light up and they start to drool..

I'm pretty sure that if some American Star was looking over his options and saw that a CFL team were willing to pay Millions to bring him up here he wouldn't say no. he'd be retarded to say no!

Didn't Iglinia with the Flames turn down a bigger offer from an American team? Same league though so differences.

ya but he's a vet. hes settled in and has a family.

the young pro stars from College are those who are the vulnerable ones

Most young guys take the money and run I say unless it's going to a different contry they don't like.

ya but that's something that with the right scouts and GM can be overcome

....with 32 teams in the NFL and 8 in the CFL the probability of an NFL team offering the same or better $ is evident...you, yourself, said 'If everything were equal'....seriously, start a thread and accept the evidence as it falls...

For a starting position in the CFL would make sense [(ONLY)] as opposed to being a back up player in the NFL? With that being said; if a player would be a starter right off the bat in both leagues; I would think that player would choose the NFL.

Then you are.saying, cfl, these agents have a big role? Agree there.

...I can make a better one, watch

This is what it would come down to on a case-by-case basis if the money were equal and the Canadian teams were either Toronto or Vancouver as the biggest English-speaking markets.