Poll: How will the Ticats do in 2017?

Just trying to gauge the mood of fans for the coming season.

I voted above 500.

Above 500, but off the backs of the still foundering Argos and Als.

I voted above 500 as well, If, if the team stays healthy??? The Turf Demons and any other health related demons have wrecked havoc on this team for the past two years.

Lets get a Healthy Tiger-Cat Team together this year and keep it that way and hopefully finish the year above 500!!


One play away from the Grey Cup in 2015 and one play away from the Eastern Final in 2016. With an improved defensive backfield and a healthy O-line, this has to be our year!

Of course, I think that every year. Sooner or later the sun has to shine on the Cats :smiley:!

I'm guessing Sub 500 if the O-Line isn't improved. Olson is coming back (I believe) so that could be difference maker. I actually really liked Campbell as a tackle last year. If Peter D (with apologies because he's a great guy) is somewhere in the mix then we are in trouble.

Pete can still be a huge contributor as a veteran backup.

Pete will likely be a depth guy, and I imagine might even be behind Rice now.

If the O-line, QB and running game situation isn't addressed, the signing of DB Abdul Kanneh isn't going to make one iota of difference. Not to mention the downfall of SpeedyB and all the new coaching staff... this team will have many hurdles to overcome this season.

2017 GREY CUP CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will have to agree to disagree. I don't see him improving over last year and last year he was awful. He was consistently oerwhelmed on one-on-ones. Thank goodness for Gable.

I have to agree on this point. Number 67 is past his shelf life. The team will be horrible if Austin dosn't realize if you refuse to run the ball and refuse to build the best possible O Line the team will be very much the door mat of the league. Can anyone explain why Nevis am I am guessing was not offered a contract?

Maybe they want to go with 2 National DTs. With Barker and Stephen in the backfield, they only need 3 Nationals on Offence. Frankly, without Fantuz playing (if we can even sign him) we could go with an all-International receiving corps...

18-0 Baby!

That is the key question and it remains a mystery to me as well. It seems so basic and it is completely overlooked. The O Line always seems like an afterthought but yet should be essential under Austin's pass happy program.

If we stick to the pass, I’d like to see more hitch, screen and shuttle passes. Essentially the same as a running play, but moves the ball laterally, plus gets the ball out of the QB’s hands a lot quicker. We maybe could use a TE type package occasionally as well. More blocking at the line, plus an outlet receiver or quick hit target.

Granted, still subject to drops and interceptions, but at least we don’t have the QB hanging on to the ball for 5+ seconds while the defence converges like a pack of cruise missiles.

Yes. There are ways to "run" the ball without actually handing it off. Some call it a long hand-off.

Not sure the Als will be foundering! Going to be close in the East anstagain nowhere near the West team records...... maybe inclusive also of the Sask Riders.
Hoping we make playoffs.

Now that Jackson has been signed by Als....... a QB and they are a 1st place East contender. Defence is already solid as was evident through last half of season. Als are not slackers of East.

Like I said, I hope we ( TiCats) make playoffs. I hate being pessimistic!

The offence, is the offence.

It is not changing. It is Austin's offence.