Poll: How many wins will the Als get in 2019?


Now that the first pre season game is in the books, time for a poll. How many wins will the Als get in 2019?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

The website seems effed up right now and the poll won’t allow Johnny to vote. Johnny will vote 3 wins.

4-6, probably closer to 4.

Not sure why Johnny bothered to list more than 12 or even 10-12. :slight_smile:

For the optimists! :slight_smile:

What the heck I’m going for 7-9 even after todays beating.The Las can only get better…I Hope.

The only teams the Als have a shot at beating this year are Ottawa and Toronto.

And Pipkin is now a known commodity. Teams have film on him, and can game plan against his tendencies.

If Pipkin starts, I say the Als win 3 games.

If Pipkin doesn’t start, I can’t see the Als winning even once.

I’m going for 7 !
Forget the first pre-season match: remember that the OL, Receivers and RBs were not at that game and that impact a lot on Qbs.
PS: Having said that, I think i’m pushing the limit !

I don’t like to participate in this type of speculation, but I am not optimistic for practically all the reasons that have been previously expressed on this forum; my expectations are not high.

However, I hope the Als can pull off a few squeakers, and - who knows? - maybe a few players will step up and surprise us.

I say this for the future of pro football in this fair city. One more stinker of a season and we’ll have to be driving, taking a train, or flying to watch professional football, unless people like the Carabins, Redmen (or whatever they’re called now), and the Stingers. Then again, there’s always CEGEP and high school teams…

So, I can only hope for the best, while I stock up on Valium and rye. I already have my psychiatrist on speed dial!

Lots needs to improve from last season … but IMO, the key is the OL … it was terrible last season … if it can be even average then 5-8 … if not, then 1-3 … may take a few games before we know

Is it the players really?

Why did every TO quarterback look good ?


Every Montreal quarterback look bad ?

That is a coaching and play design/calling issue.

I voted 5, mostly because of the defence

The wins will come later in the season,
You have a tough starting schedule
IMHO, You have a shot at 2nd in the east

Sweep OTT and some wins against TOR and SSK

So which is it Grover? 5 wins or 2nd in the East. Because it can’t be both.

3 wins.

I don’t know how Khari Jones keeps finding employment. He is an AWFUL coordinator. And Shermann, I’d bet money he has 0 involvement with playbook design or playcalling on either side of the ball.

Même si l’équipe ne semble pas être passionnante, la division Est sera beaucoup plus ouverte que l’année précédente. Ottawa sera probablement moins fort qu’avant avec une offensive décimée, et Toronto ne semble pas nécessairement mieux malgré l’importante signature de Derel Walker. Je crois que Hamilton sera premier malgré la destruction de la ligne de défense secondaire, mais sinon, ce sera difficile de prédire qui terminera 2e.

I said a shot at 2nd, and why can’t it be both? :slight_smile:

maybe it will take 6 wins

I say 4 since they will be playing meaningless game at the end of the season and should be able to scoop 2 there…

Some joker voted “More than 12 wins”.

Probably that troublemaking rascal Bobo again. :slight_smile:

LOL !!! Nope , not this time ;DNot Guilty ;D

BUT I’ll tell ya what…if the poll was for how many wins the Als will have combined including this year going back the last two inclusive ? 3 W’s in “17” , 5 W’s in “18” then ya I’ll go out on a limb and go over on the 12 Wins which would translate to a 5 win season in 2019 . I gotta say though that I think I’m really stretching things predicting 5 wins for this sorry excuse for a team and (dis)organisation this season . Come on prove me wrong Montreal…because in all honesty I would love to see you guys do better . Trust me being a Cats fan and living through what we call the dark era of 03-08 when we absolutely STUNK year in and year out I know how yer all feeling right now . :-[

Thanks Bono!

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