POLL - How many games will the bombers win this year?

Holy ****, do the bummers ever su.ck. I'm a poet, and I didn't even know it. :twisted:

Good thing you edited my post, mods. Cuz this one is far better.

Nice troll topic. This actually cheered me up. 8)

Right now I'm going to say 3-5. I would say 6-8 but with all of the injuries we've suffered tonight we'd be lucky to get that. Still I'll try to remain hopeful. With how weak the East is we could still somehow sneak into the playoffs at which point anything can happen.

Easily 9 possibly even 10.

0 - 4 now, and probably 3 - 6 by the midpoint.

6 - 3 down the stretch, given their schedule, is very likely.

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did you copy and paste then change the teams here? Didn't we see this poll last year about the Cats?


While Im not a Bomber fan, they are better than their record shows. Injuries (Whoops can't use that one as an excuse from last year) and bad breaks have gone against The Bombers. I think they can turn it around if they can bring in some decent personell to plug the injurred players.

just wait until we have our starting o-line backgo back to skylar...

Is it just me or is Doug Berry a very angry person?

Seriously, that act wears pretty thin when the team is losing....to everybody.

How does anyone expect that team to play with composure when he's on the edge of a meltdown all of the time?

Whatever Wpg. fans show up Thursday better bring bags for their heads, because this one will get ugly.

Good point Artie-Lange.

I was having this discussion with Mrs. Third_And_Ten this past weekend, and my feeling is the Bombers might have enough of being screamed at constantly.

At first, Berry kind of woke them up and kept them on their toes with his maniacal rage outbursts (sometimes, I thought he would pop a vein in his neck or forehead).

But after months and months of this, players must be like "Ya, ya... there he goes, screaming again... pfffrrrt!"

Maybe he should try a different approach now.

I voted 3 to 5 games, depending on when they win their first one.

I'm probably being optimistic with them, but I voted 6 to 8. I just don't think that they are as bad as EE last year, but they are trying hard to prove me wrong so far.

Dinwiddie is going to light up Calgary like a bonfire, and Winnipeg goes on a 9 game tear a la Printers in B.C.

And I thought I was an optimist!

I think they'll get it together. One or two wins under your belt does a lot for the the confidence.

Too bad about Simpson though...out for the season.

I think they'll win 6-8, possibly even go 9-9. Anything more than that at this point is wishful thinking in my opinion.

Easily 9? Possibly even 10? Are you sure about that? After the snoozer butt kicking they took today, the bombers are 2 - 7 at the halfway point. To win "easily" 9 games, they'd need to go 7 - 2 in the second half of the season. To win 10 games, they'd need to go 8 - 1. You sure you don't want to revise your prediction?

Bombers miss the playoffs this year, and all 4 teams in the West likely make the playoffs. Now that's a prediction.

...HHM you're holding a guy to a predication he made 5 to 6 weeks ago....not quite fair in my books...he'd probably revise it today....

Haven't you held people accountable for bold predictions they make, weeks later, when they are proven wrong? Never? Really?

...to tell the truth, no...but I'll make a point of keeping the one above safe and sound and roll it out in November to drag around in the poop of the corral if it isn't exactly true to the letter....