Poll : how many games will the Alouettes win this year ?

Yup no doubt about it this Alouette team is right now a total train wreck and is definitely off the tracks. So the question is a simple one, just how low can the Birdies go this season ? I'll start things off with my vote of 3 wins on the season , yup just two more wins for the rest of the season for those Dirty Birds is my prediction.

Oh and as my buddy Johnny always says with these polls
Vote early, vote often :rockin:

Duron Carter is not going to put up with not getting the ball and losing, I predict he will have a few more out bursts to disrupt the team.
The Als will trade him for a QB - probably Lulay.

Thank for this.

I just voted 5. The D will get some home wins.

Please BOBO, show some kindness . They are not the Dirty Birds.
Please call them by the proper name. The LAME LARKS.

No sympathy from my side here.

I got sick of them during the AC years , when they finished first almost every year and went to the Cup year after year.

Yes they were good, but to see them on the bottom and struggle , warms my heart.

Now they and their fan base know what the rest of the East felt all those years.

What goes around comes around.

[i]OHHHHHH! At least you changed Johnny's catch phrase just enough, to not infringe on Johnny's copyright!

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy:

Johnny voted 5 wins. HE would not be suprised if it was 6, or 4. Popp will make sure they suck :thdn:

Remember to vote for the worst head coach in the CFL!
(A little cross promotion for Johnny's poll) :slight_smile: [/i]

I'm not convinced Sask or the Peg are going to be moving in the right direction enough compared to the Als, nor am I convinced that other teams won't have at least two bad games.

That said, with Popp splitting duties, an OC that has been brought up way to quickly (yes, I know he's AC, but he was brough into the coaching role way to fast. Playing and coaching are two different beasts) a DC who seems less then enthusiastic to be there, a 50-50 QB (sorry KG, but the stats don't lie), possible locker room controversy with Duron Carter and Nik Lewis and an international kicker who while punting decently, isn't getting the job done in Field Goals.

Five is my prediction, but I really should have selected four.

Main forum, so post what you will, but this is stupid and classless. Here's a tip for you Hamilton fans: when you're on top, don't punch down at the team you have beaten regularly over the past few years. I mean, you CAN do it if you want to -- this is the main forum, as I said, so fire away -- but holy hell, is it ever cheap. I'd never have started a thread like this during Hamilton's dark years (2001-2008) when your team was the league punching-bag and my Als were on top. It would have been so easy, too.

Have fun with that low-hanging fruit. BTW, I voted for 4 wins in the poll.

...'tis true how quickly some forget...

Thanks for participating D&P :thup: By the way get yer facts straight our dark years were from 2003-2008. We finished up 2nd with an 11-7 record in 2001 ahead of the 3rd place 9-9 Alouettes and won the East Semi over them 24-12 that year. As for cheap,stupid and classless may I remind you of a certain poll last year on if Cats fans were the most arrogant in the league(which you were an active part of) or this little gem from this year from yer buddy Johnny.............viewtopic.php?f=1&t=101377. It's kinda funny but me thinks you have to grow a thicker skin my friend and perhaps knock off with the passive aggressive approach you have to life. In other words "don't dish it out if you can't take it" my friend. :slight_smile: :rockin: I tell ya what if it makes you feel any better I'll make up 8 more similar polls for the rest of the teams in the league :smiley: , including the Cats if you like. :wink:

Double standard.

When Johnny puts out a poll you call it " good natured fun ".

C'est dommage. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Double standard indeed. Here are a few quotes from that thread Poll: Will the Cats finish LAST in da East ?

3 guesses as to who it is I'm quoting here :

You Cat fans need to get thicker skins.
This is the main forum and Johnny is just having fun.

and this

Johnny is just having fun. It's the main forum and rivalry is what football is all about.
This is a light hearted poll about the Cats on the main forum.

Okay now boys and girls can anybody out there tell me who posted these comments ? :slight_smile: remember you have three guesses and the first two don't count. :cowboy: and after we're done that it's time for a spelling "B" first two words you have to spell are Pot and Kettle. :lol:

I agree D&P is very forgetful :wink:

I'm thinking that just to make this fair my next Poll will be : How many games will the Alouettes lose this year ? :smiley: :wink:

That's because Johnny is a pro pollster, and has a charming way of creating his polls in a manner that pleases everyone :rockin:

Bobo is still a poll puppy, so he's not as smooth as Johnny. He'll get better with experience :smiley:

LOL @ Johnny :lol: A Poll puppy, yup meet my doggy Johnny his name is Popper or Pooper when he makes a mess!!! :smiley: :rockin: I'm teaching him to retrieve my ball cap every time I throw it which is proving to be a real challenge !!! :slight_smile:

I voted for 6 wins. Even as bad as the coaching staff is, other than Thorpe, they have enough player talent to win a few.

The football puppy makes a good point. I'm not sure what the point is, but it's a good one!

Charming and pleasing pro.

Let me think about that..... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

On second thought.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: