Poll - how do you usually view CFL forums - in Mobile or Desktop?

i need to improve our mobile view.

the two views are different and i'd like to know for admin purposes which view is being used more in general. if you are using a tablet, it is probably using desktop view in default unless you manually select mobile view.

in which view do you use the CFL forums the most?

  • Desktop or tablet view (including ipad)
  • Mobile view on phone device

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i know the mobile view of our site isn't great and i noticed some broken links. and i have no idea why the CFL logo isn't aligned properly but it looks weird. i will be working to fix the mobile issues in the coming days. i rarely use the mobile version and my old iphone hates it. but i use my tablet in mobile view sometimes to see what the mobile users are looking at because i know many of our users are on mobile devices.

also if any of you predominantly mobile users (hello @Jon) have suggestions for improvements or needed fixes, please post them here.

i have an open issue related to mobile view as well:

I don’t have this problem you describe.

As you know I have a different problem in that my green notification for a PM won’t go away. My red notification for likes, etc. works as usual. I’m not sure if anyone else has the same issue.

As to your poll it wouldn’t surprise me if more users accessed the site at present from a desktop based on what I have read, although your poll is so far 50/50. I think those accessing via mobile view will only increase over time, however, as desktops become even more obsolete.

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i am sort of expecting the results of this poll to be about 60 - 40 in favor of mobile, but i could be wrong given the demographics of the user base.

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this is definitely the only community that I'm part of that I suspect more than 50% of users will access via desktop/laptop.

normally it's about 75%/25%, in favour of mobile.

demographics of the CGL suggest it'll be 66%/33% in favour of desktop.


i also think a lot of users are on tablets, which default to desktop views. tablets are so easy to use. my 80 yr old mother does everything on her ipad.

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tablets are great. My dad has a laptop and a tablet. All his "computer use" (i use that term loosely) is playing free slot casino games. He uses his tablet for that.

he has a mobile as well. usually the battery is dead because he forgets about it.


i do most of my online activity on my 6th gen iPad (which needs a new battery) including sometimes admin'ing this forum lol. i use my laptop for dev stuff and typing long docs.

You can always tell who among us uses our mobile devices since our posts usually have random off words as a result of autocorrect


heh my ipad does this too in desktop view. i'm a notorious post editor.

Mobile views on almost all sites are not anywhere near what they are on desktop. Pretty sure there is not much you can do to fix that for mobile.

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Sometimes I am on a desktop, and sometimes I am on a laptop but rarely on mobile.

But for the laptop it is a Chromebook, and it is also touchscreen so it can be used as a tablet even though it is not really a tablet because it can't be detached.

Anyway, I'm not sure what view I am getting in the latter case, but it looks just like my desktop view and everything works fine.


i wouldnt know mobile view if it ran over me


I hope desktops outlive me. I use a Swedish keyboard. It's MUCH easier to type English keyboard than it is to type Swedish on an American English keyboard. ÅÄÖåäöáéíóú£€ã§

It'll be a cold day in hell before I'll use mobile. I had enough of ringing phones at the office for 42 years. If someone gave me a cell phone and it rang while I was strolling down the street, I'd dash it against the sidewalk immediately.



Leave that to sometime in the distant future. What you need to do sooner is something I've already suggested several times. Re-introduce the pages you eliminated from threads when you rebooted/relaunched the forum three or so years ago. Try just scrolling from top to bottom in a hardcore thread with hundreds of replies such as this one:


i don't need to do that at all. the timeline scroller on the right side works fine. perhaps i need to do a help desk tutorial on how to use it because i think some don't realize how useful it is.

I just use my phone as a phone. :roll_eyes: