Poll: How about a game in Ottawa in 2007?

There's another thread I posted this question in, but perhaps a poll would get more response.

As has been suggested, an exhibition game in Ottawa would be wise in order to keep Ottawa fans included in the CFL. The 2008 Pre-season would obviously work, but they could also have one sooner.

How about a 2007 Post-season exhibition/consolation game?

Three possibilities:

  1. Saturday before the Division Semi-finals (Nov. 10) between the two Playoff non-qualifies.

  2. Saturday before the Division Championships (Nov. 17) between the two Semi-final game losers.

  3. Saturday before the Grey Cup (Nov. 24) between the two Championship game losers.

The last option would seem to be the most meaningful as it would serve to determine 'third place'. It might distract from the Grey Cup itself though (and vice versa), plus maybe it is better not to ask teams that played all the way to the Championship round to play another game if it isn't for the Grey Cup.

I find the first option interesting since it would let teams that aren't in the playoffs have a chance to play a Post-season game, even if it is just for pride. Plus, having it first allows it to be a sort of 'Post-season kick-off' game (and they could market it that way).

Ottawa had trouble with attendance when they had a team, much less having two other teams come in to play. A game between the conference final losers is a meaningless game to play,IMO, the players would not want to play a game that meant absolutely nothing. I spose you could make a game between the non-playoff meaningful by giving the winner the 1st draft pick(if they havent traded that pick). Ottawa fans need to show that they want CFL football back, and its clear they are not particularly interested unless they get a perfect owner.

They would have to spend too much money to clean up their stadium.

It will not happen.


Why have a game there? They dont even support their own team, much less another city's team. Maybe the Eastern Final should be played at Frank Clair instead of the Big Owe or CanadInns? We should NOT kiss their ass because they dont have enough people to support a team. It amazes me... they average 18K per game in their final year the 'Gades played, but gee they had poor ownership, the city politicians didnt help the team, the league screwed us, the other fans in the league screwed us, but damn , we deserve another shot. Give me a bloody break!

Because they will have to spend too much money to clean up their stadium. They will not spend a $1M to disinfect and delouse a stadium that has been sitting idle for a long time and is now home to families of raccoons just so they can host a single CFL game. Won't happen.

How about a game in Ottawa in 2007?

How about not.

Wow, a lot of hate for Ottawa out there.

Wouldn't it make sense to have one game in Ottawa to allow the fans to have the opportunity to display their interest in the CFL as well as let them know the CFL hasn't forgotten about them? Rather than leaving the CFL out of mind in Ottawa for a few years until the league finally decides they want to plop another franchise there?

If Ottawa fans don't show interest in a one-off CFL game there, then maybe they shouldn't put another franchise there. Plus, don't expect the fans to come running back if they've been ignored in the meantime.

And, as for the question of cleanup. $1M? As I understand it, Frank Clair Stadium is already being tidied up for use by FIFA, so it should be in better shape than it was.

If that's the case then maybe, but I'm not sure what it would prove if there are no new owners eying a franchise there. A community-owned team doesn't seem to be likely.

Without a decent stadium there (lets not rehash that topic) it's unlikely they will ever get the size of crowds a city of that size should be able to produce.

The die-hards would show up, but I doubt that others would care less on an exhibition game.

NO I meant why have a game in Otawa

I do not believe it would make a difference. They would like to see their own team out there not the enemy of old. They do not need to be shown the product they once had and may get back in a year or two.

It is not a question of hate for Ottawa.
I just don't see the point in giving them an exhibition game or as has been discussed here a Grey Cup game.
What the city needs is an owner who is willing to invest the time and money needed to create a viable team, not exhibition games.
The CFL can remember them forever but until someone steps up, there is no point


They've already had numerous opportunities to display their interest in the CFL. And now they have no team. We've kind of gotten the message.

Ottawa fans who rationalize the poor attendance for the Renegades use excuses like "can't identify with the team" and "we've had such crappy teams for so long". How will having a game in Ottawa between the two worst teams in the league -- teams from other cities -- rectify that?

Then there's the fact that the Players' Association would never agree to an extra game between two teams with nothing to gain from it.

I support putting another team in Ottawa when someone who knows what they're doing, who has the capital to do it, comes along. No games in Ottawa until then.

I'd have to check (and I'm not really inclined to) but I believe they're spending $3M on it now because of the soccer tournament.

I know you're just going to say that it's not enough but you know, just out of fairness and accuracy, I thought it should be said... :wink:


I don't understand this attitude towards Ottawa.

Look at these CFL attendance numbers:


Almost every team has had down years and Ottawa outdrew or was nearly the same as several teams from '02-'04. Ottawa's 18,489 is nowhere near the worst numbers on the list.

B.C. -- 16,217 in '98; 18,507 in '02 (when Ottawa outdrew them by about 5K)

Cgy. -- 23,559 in '96

Sask. -- 19,327 in '99

Wpg. -- 21,483 in '99

Ham. -- 14,863 on '03; 17,699 in '02, 18,611 in '01, 13,613 in '97

Tor. -- 15,083 in '03; 15,785 in '01; 17,381 in '00

Mtl. -- 9,585 in '97; 16,147 in '98

I mean , come on people. From 1994 - 2003 (10 YEARS!), Toronto averaged 18,194 which actually less than the Renegades oh so abysmal 18,489 in '05!

I think they would have to give away tickets for free for anyone to show up in Ottawa for a game where their team wasn't involved, to be quite honest.

The hate for Ottawa must be linked to the presence of the Federal Government here or something. Support for football is strong.

A pre-season contest here should be linked to an announcement of the return of a team here. The city is spending $3 million on upgrades in anticipation of the FIFA U20 tournament. The location is great (downtown and next to the Rideau Canal) and the views from the upper south side are spectacular!