Poll hax?

This morning, 55% of people voting on the cfl.ca front page picked the Lions to win sunday. Now, only 10% of the votes are for the Lions. I think Swaggerville is taking a page out of Riderville’s books.
Makes sense really. Swggerville, Riderville, both are sponsored by horrible beer (Blue and Pilsner), maybe Winnipeg is deliberately copying Saskatchewan???

what is a hax???


Seems to me that Rider fans are picking the Bombers. :lol:

It's a poll Question that's gone the way of Wacko as if to be Hacko; like nothing is Facto. Grims is right as the poll now shows 2% for the Lions. So FootbalYouBet that I say is hax (o) :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn't this a sign of the apocolypse???

…I think it’s totally true, look at the current poll:

“Who has the best defence?”

Winnipeg 99%
BC 1%
Total votes: over 45,000

…now are you freaking serious that only 450 some odd votes are for BC and 44,500 votes are for Winnipeg?! there is no possible way that 45,000 people even visited this site today…Winni has a serious D but that is plain cheating…someone out there in bomberland has written a bot to rack up the votes, and that is ungentlemanly…simply uncivilized…

Or maybe Lions fans are too busy partying at Grey Cup to be on their computers voting.

…maybe bomber fans should be out partying more than hanging out by their computers…


Some people have to work or go to school tomorrow. We can't all be in Vancouver.

Obviously something goofy has gone on with the poll but that doesn't mean a Bomber fan did anything. It could be some programming glitch on the part of the website for all we know.


[take breath]


With all the problems that have occurred at this message board, you expect me to believe that it's not possible that the programmers didn't screw up the poll code?

guaranteed if MRX had anything to do with it.

Polls are popularity contests for teams that people like to see win. If money is risked on outcome, bets may be different. Also demographics affect polls. Most of Canada's population is in the east.

With the testing software available now its very easy to set up a couple computers to go to a web page and click a button ... so yeah, that ain't real.

This is an extreme case, but Bomber fans have been "stuffing the ballot box" on polls all year, I think.

lol @ Blue Blood taking this so seriously.

Hardly taking this seriously. Can't believe others are actually b!tching about an online poll.

Seems like most are just having a little fun.