Poll: Have you been vaccinated yet?

I get the second Moderna jab tomorrow, so I voted yes.

I managed to talk the g/f into driving me up there in the middle of her busy work day since I don't feel comfortable getting the needle than jumping on my cruiser if I feel unwell.

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I think you will find them right beside the Rakes.

Usually with the spades and shovels.

Smart to study.

Just had the jab.


Live attenuated?
Viral Vector?
So many choices - I guess we are all becoming quite well read on the subject. Or maybe not...

Montana tribe gifts surplus vaccines to neighbors in Canada

Two weeks, four lists, no dice.

question mark?

What should I ask him?

ask him to tell me what your short post was about :slight_smile:

He says it was about my not getting vaccinated yet.
I’m the only person I’ve talked to who hasn’t. Except Mark.

tell him thanks

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Fifteen days. Four wait-lists....and FINALLY!
In two days I get my shot. I’m gonna celebrate by watching the’77 Grey Cup.
(Sorry Paolo.)

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Why? There really is no point

We are in lockdown
Health Canada says even AFTER vaccination you can't go out
What is the point honestly unless you are afraid of your health?

I doubt I will get it but if I ever did I certainly will be one of the very last to do so
Sitting at home or walking around the Conservation areas while bored I have a 0% chance of catching Covid, much less having a serious outcome from it

Plus the obvious fact waiting means you get a better version of vaccine
The current crop apparently is less effective against variants and seems to have fairly severe side effects
Let the guinea pigs test it out first

Also just as an FYI
I cheated and got my wife a shot even though she was not technically eligible (she wanted it so I said fine)

And I actually know someone who got a shot and had severe side effects (my kids teacher who has now been hospitalized)

So I have seen the best and the worst...

Anyone who wants the full vaccination, you know none of the pharmacies are talking to each other right? So if you REALLY want your second dose, simply sign up at multiple pharmacies. Two "first shots" work fine so long as spaced a few weeks apart.

how do you feel about honesty and integrity?

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For a person who needs it (or thinks they need it due to terror inspired media)?

There has been nothing honest about this pandemic since Day 1
Why start now?


Seems odd if the second pharmacy has your health card info, they wouldn’t know that you’ve already had one of the shots. But nothing surprises me.

Anyway, scheduled my first one for next week. At which time I’m sure they’ll also let me in on what’s happening with the New World Order of the Illuminati.

If they talked they wont even call for appointments

The tons of news stories about pharmacists putting in 80+ hours overtime due to all double bookings who cancelled when got shot somewhere else gave me the idea
It seemed odd to me people could even book multiple locations
But again; ON + Ford = !planning
It works

Just to show you how deep that rabbit hole goes; go sign up at a hospital
They will schedule your 1st + 2nd shot right away
The HOSPITAL who has your HEALTH CARD does not even verify you are high risk, they simply give you the "good stuff" if you don't want AZ