Poll: Have you been vaccinated yet?

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Wonder if there is a way for a poll within a poll. For those who have been vaccinated, which ones did you get?

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Went last Saturday . Go back on August 12 for 2nd shot . For the record I got the Pfizer vaccine .

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I got the Pfizer also :grinning:

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Pfizer here as well.

Currently too young to be eligible :slight_smile: I will get the first one available though

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...I got the AZ

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Nine days with four pharmacies and zero results.

just expand the choices.

yes, got P
yes, got M
yes, got A
yes, got j
yes, got Other

I got the P

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I am voluntarily waiting until June here, in some part due to too much noise out there and in some part pissed off because they wasted all that time in March with fundamental incompetence at all levels of government.

If there were any measure of great competence with government, for they only got on a roll down here in the US in April and wasted essentially 6 weeks, I would donate the dose allocated to me to a Canadian who is still waiting and then wait my turn in the summer just fine.

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I bet you they speed up that date given the recent news out in a study about the first dose on Pfizer as released yesterday.

Just the 1st dose for myself.

Still waiting for my next one.

I got Moderna 2 months ago.. The criteria was changed for a couple of days that allowed me to get it, then it was changed back the day I got it
Next shot June 22

I would like to know why those who said they won't get it, won't get it

Quebec? Did you use the website?

Downtown Ottawa.

It will be a lot of tin foil hat material; of which I think we've already had quite enough from the usual suspects in these forums.

My jab was Pfizer, and other than the small bump in my arm from the microchip there were fortunately no after effects.


LOL. 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Have you tried this?


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