Poll: Hamilton's first win?

Now that Ottawa is off the schneid, Hamilton is the only remaining winless team.

Who will they get that elusive first victory against?

Choices are in order of how they appear on the schedule.

Welp. It wasn't the Stamps. :smiley:

The Ticats first win will be in 2018...

Will be very close in Edmonton, Very! Desperate team that's all in!!!!!!!!!!!!
I smell upset. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Shouldn't be in alberta but you never know. Kent will probably bring in couple burner receivers - perhps Simon Lwrnce returns to the D to solidify.

Esks have tons of injuries. If Reilly gets rocked early - major upset possible. But Reilly has to produce the stinkiest outing of his CFL career. :cowboy:

I voted Ottawa at home.

If they do not, they are likely to be going 0 - 18. :cry: :thdn:

Edmonton will clean their clock, Winnipeg is 2-0 against the once again weak east and Ottawa has not looked bad despite their record.

I'm going with the Argos because the performance against Calgary is going to take time to overcome, their next 3 opponents should beat them and going into the LDC they will be coming off a week off. Also they always seem to bring a little extra for LD. Just showing up would be a step forward this year. :wink:

Is the 2018 schedule out yet? Lol....But really if there is a football God, let it be on Labour Day. The fans deserve that at the very least.

Edmonton has injuries issues up the ying yang. Half our defence are backups and we're missing Bowman, White, Van and Williams. This game isn't a sure thing for my Esks, we still need to play solid football. An average showing from the Esks will be enough.

...YYC was dealing with similar injuries and racked up a 59 point spread...I'm sure the EE's will be fine...

I think Edmonton will handily win as I don't see much from the Cats at the moment. But sure, with the Eskies injuries anything is possible.

Ok, this game is over, now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I might be wrong!...

Not wrong. Close but no cigar. 0-6.

I'd say against the RB's or the Als. It will equally depends on possible injuries the three Eastern teams might suffer. Having said that, the Cats might win two or three games since at the very end of the regular season, all the teams with an assured playoff birth won't risk injuries to key players.

Their next game at home against the Redblacks is their best chance.

Hamilton's first win ?? Just wait til' we play these guys !!! Will waffle em.....I think ? :stuck_out_tongue: :o

I'm stumped. Why is Hamilton so bad this season?

No deep threat. I'm also still tryin to find a way to blame the arhols
I'll let you know when I come up with somethin

And our second win will be when we face the Hooterville Boobtails......err Bobtails that is 8)

No deep threat, exactly West. That is a recipe for disaster in the CFL and I'm no Gable fan, he jukes and all that but give me a Whitaker or Sutton type back any day. And Tasker is no Ellingson. Of course if Chris Williams is still there and a healthy Fantuz, well, that helps, but the o line needs to give Collaros a lot of time, Collaros just isn't that smart of a qb.

I really wonder if Austin is going off the rails or something? He needs to coach and just get a GM in there for that exact task. No matter how great an owner you have if the people running the football show are going off the rails, it's not going to work.

Perhaps Bob Young has put too much trust in Austin to run too much of the show?

At the beginning of the season when everyone was making predictions I stated on the Ti-Cat board that I thought that Hamilton has the worst set of receivers in the East. I didn't think they would do much at all. Of course I was called a troll and all kinds of names. But I never thought they could be this bad. Last in all receiving and passing stats.
Someone said that a bright spot was the punting stats...................of course the punting yardage and averages are good, he gets to punt more than any other in the league!!