Poll for the Walk of Fame Dinner.

Zontar…you seem to follow my posts all the time and enter this “chapstick.com” thing…

Can you explain because it’s getting a little annoying to be quite honest…I hardly post here anymore partly because of this type of stuff from you…so yeah, a little expanation would help now.

Did I say something wrong?


If you knew anything about the fan club you would understand that we are a non profit organization.
There are a lot of players that belong on the Walk of Fame but we do not make enough money to fly anyone in even if we wanted too. Zontar please try and understand and just vote and give us your support.
I also would love to see Steve up there.
Thanks Mikey you are a great guy. pat_cat

Pat Cat you do a great job along with the other ladies and gentleman! I love you guys and I also voted adn if Sauve recieves it I will be there I promise! I'll be sitting at jusaguys table!! lol merry xmas everyone and again all the best in 07!

Pat Cat,meant no disrespect I am fully aware what the Cats Claws do and how hard they work.But I didnt ask for him to be flown in.I dont think that should be a stipulation.

If both honours are based on contributions to the team then Fields deserves to be up there .
It would be nice if he was there in person for the induction but if he cant he shouldnt be overlooked for that reason.(if that is the reason)

we would like to honour more players like fields, stapler, etc but i dont think we would sell many tickets to a dinner for a player not here to receive the plaque it would be nice if we could afford to do more than 1 player a year but the plaques a quite expensive and the fan club doesnt have the funds to do more than 1 most years. if we could do more than 1 then we could maybe we could honour a player not here to receive it

Then Join the Cats Claws
Come to the meetings and Bring him up
when Nominations are Made..

I joined this past Season..

Here’s some input from the younger generation:

Cat’s claws seems like a bunch of old people.

I take offense at being called old :wink:

If you think we're a "bunch of old people", put your money where your mouth is and represent "the younger generation" by joining the fan club. We'd love to have you.

Way to go borehamgirl.
andcon,What in the world does age have anything
to do with voting? pat-cat

But then again ... who the Hell are you?

If you don't like/approve of the way they operate - then go form your own fan club.

Or do something else - with some purpose.

You are continuing to be a real pain Zontar.

Another entry in the “Old people are stupid” club.

Ah, to be young again, to be young enough to know EVERYTHING, to be thinking clearly enough to know that if there is something I don’t like, it must be the fault of those old fogies.

Just once,I’d love to be able to challenge some of these wise kids to some kind of intelligence contest.
No, better not. It might be bad for their valued “SELF-ESTEEM.”

Pat, you and the others carry on your great work. The sniping from the sidelines has no merit.

I am Zontar.
Someone asked for fan "input". I am a fan.Zontar is just expressing an opinion about player honours in general. This is a place for opinions

Of course I "approve" of what the group does because they are fans too, they do great work.

Play through the pain, t-lew.

just a note to clarify my question earlier was only that, a question - I certainly did not mean any disrespect or criticism to the "claws", and since i haven't been to a meeting since rouff's on barton street I was just curious.

now I have answers..

cheers all, and oskee wee wee ..........

Good Morning.
There are a lot of you reading this but not voting.
We the fan club would really like your input so please take the time to vote for your favouite player..
All of these guys deserve to see just how much you really care.
We will be having our meeting on Thurs. January 25th.2007.
I will let you know who the winner is after that meeting. Take care pat_cat

I don't see why you need to tell us after the meeting.
If our vote means anything then we can see the winner for ourselves by clicking the View Results link.

Good morning again.
I guess I wasn't clear enough on how the votes are counted. The ones from here are added to the ones from the fan club who receive a letter asking them for there vote.
I have some other news to tell you all.
We have picked Tay Cody for the Charlotte Simmons award for 2006.
This year we are also going to put Hal Patterson up on the Walk of Fame as an honourary member as so many of you beleive he should be up there. We are trying to get him to come but are not sure if we can. pat_cat

Thank you for this clarification.

The Cats Claws have supported this organization for many years through the good times and the bad. They have dedicated their own free time to organize events that benefit many different charities especially those that involve children. Just recently they participated in a fund-raiser to benefit a young boy that is confined to a hospital bed. The dinner is one of the larger events that they organize for the benefit of the community and the team. Who cares who gets the final decision on who is nominated or who gets chosen...just vote. Show some support and go to the event, it really is a great one and you never know who will be there!!


3 Mill Street, StowyOwk, ON L8C3M

Dear Members,

The Cats Claws executive would like to wish you a happy and healthy New Year and hopefully a better football season in 2007.
It is that time of year again when we start gearing up for the Walk of Fame Induction Dinner and we need your help. It is very important that you vote on the player you would like to see on the Walk of Fame: Your votes wilt decide who is going fcTbei inducted
This year is going to be a little different we have had so many fans wanting to see Hal Patterson up on the walk we have decided to have two inductees this year. We are trying very hard to see if we can get Hal up here.
This Charlotte Simmons Humanitarian Award this year will go to Tay Cody. This award goes to a current player that has contributed the time energy to the community. The Tiger-Cats tell us he tops the list even going to community events when he wasn't asked.
The players listed below are the five chosen at a group meeting. We need you to circle the one you would like to see inducted.
We hope to hear from you soon.

Carol Rose President Cats Claws

I don't get it....Why is Hal Patterson always overlooked.......I'd like to nominate Prince Hal....voted #13 of the top 50,of all time...by TSN's impressive judging staff.
Unfortunately I'm really not well adept at using this forum or knowing how to navigate around all the different forums.