Poll for starting QB next week

Whop do you think should start next week against Montreal?

I am waiting for Tom’s poll on BGR, including these options:

a) Porter
b) Glenn
c) Tafralis
d) Danny McManus sans mothballs
e) Kevin FREAKIN’ Eakin
f) Billy Dicken
g) Steve Austin (you know, the Lee Majors version)
h) the Winnipeg spy

Michael Bishop will not be listed as an option under provisions of the Geneva Convention.

Oski Wee Wee,

Is that the epsiode with Larry Csonka?



Austin was a winning QB with his Bionic Handoff to Larry Bronco, whose head is preserved today in the TV Character Fullback Hall of Fame in Ball of Twine, Kansas.*

  • Please note that no Larry Csonkas were hurt in making this statement. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Cody Ledbetter :wink:

not but seriously i think the logical choice is Porter,

start porter and you know that if he's not playing well you can bring in Glenn to maybe spark something,

OK, so not statistically significant, but at least the coach agrees.

I watched DMac throwing the ball at camp one day and he can still wing them. I say start big Dan. :stuck_out_tongue:

A post like this is one of the reasons I really didn’t support the move to pull Porter. Because with our track record in the past few years. When one guy has a bad game I have seen first hand what us fans do at IWS so Marcel has chosen Porter so Win lose Draw as far as I am concerned he is the number 1 Qb and tbh i dont wanna see Glenn unless were getting blown out or were destroying the other team. Because with Porters potential in this league we could have a future star so lets not ever give him a reason to NOT sign with us when his contract is up.

Porter is our guy. He will be starting all year for us unless he plays horrendous and then Glenn will play to give Porter a chance to take a look.

Porter didn't play bad the other nite. We just didn't put up any majors. MB sat him down to let him watch Kevin.

Now, Glenn cannot throw 2 INTS when he plays or we will get demolished against good teams.

Porter will be given every chance to be our QB.

In all honestly, his only option is to resign with us. Disregarding Flute and Garcia, what QB has gone down to the NFL and has played well? Ray? Burris? Bishop? Dickenson? The CFL QB is totally different than the NFL QB. If we treat him well, he will want to play for us. If the team is built around him and for long term success, he will sign with us. If he plays poorly, no one will want him.

I think this poll just confirms what most of us think, PORTER IS OUR GUY!

Cody Ledbetter :wink:
Hey... Cody Ledbetter TM is MY punchline. It's trademarked :D .

This is a lot of stink about nothing. For once in years we have a good quarterback. Let's just be happy. Neither of our quarterbacks played poorly last week. No, really they didn't.

Introducing retirees, washed up players or could-have-beens as options to start (not in the poll but in the responses) is something I expected over the last five years and maybe, rightfully so at times. But at this point, I can't believe that this question is even being raised. This is at least the second post about this topic this week. I'd hate to see what happens when Porter actually has a bad game.

Although I'm glad to see that most people are willing to stick with our starter despite the one hail mary style interception. If Marcel had pulled Kevin Glenn after his first INT we would be saying to cut Glenn and move Tafralis up on the depth chart.

Glenn got it done when called upon. Kudos. It's not that I don't think he could start. I just think that he shouldn't start unless Porter really starts to blow. The coaches have a long term strategy. In some respects Kevin is more polished but Porter is capable of winning now as well and they have a broader vision than just getting a W in any given week. Porter has to play now while we have Glenn as an insurance policy. Otherwise, he'll be going through whatever growing pains he goes through this season, but two years down the line with an unproven back up behind him.

So, I like the decision and apparently most of the voters here do too.

I wish Larry Csonka could still play. Most bruising FB ever!

I think that in the entire football universe guys like him and Butkus are really missed.

Even though I am a CFL fan all the way I never get tired of watching nfl films footage on Butkus and Csonka.

Why isn't there a CFL Films? :frowning:

Anyway.. I have gone way off topic about non-QB's. End rant. :slight_smile:

I could do a Poll lol
But I think I’d Rather have Stone Cold Steve Austin Then The Lee Majors Version

Here’s a gem from Earl Campbell’s college years: