Poll for Season Time Period

Nothing wrong with the Grey Cup at the end of November.

Worked well for a 107 years.

End of June to End of November without question.

If the League ever gets to 10 teams, then Iā€™d like to see the return of having only one Bye Week per team.

I am fine with it but I understand others may see a light somewhere .

For me I see the CFL owns November and is alone in Canada with attention to it's show case event before the Christmas Season .

It has been for the most part been a staple for awhile .

It fits nicely in that time slot .

If it moves for big bag loads of money and opportunity then I would suggest Thanksgiving weekend for a celebration or the weekend right after and stay away from Halloween events and or possible World Series events that over shadow the Grey Cup festival and showcase game .

Farhan speculated a May start. Let's presume TSN wants it as well and gives the league a big bag of money to do it. The weekend right after Thanksgiving would be better. Having a potential for a playoff double header on Thanksgiving Monday would be interesting.

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Or just leave it where it is in November.

Farhan isn't speculating as much as he wants this to happen.

lol.... why does he want it to happen?

He's the only one along Dave Naylor that covered the whole CFL-XFL "talking about taking"story when other TSN broadcasters were taking a wait and see approach.

MAYbe they know something we don't eh?

I guess they don't realize TSN has other sports properties that do take up May and June most of time.

Makes you wonder if they aren't hockey fans :wink:

I know Farhan loves to go down to Seattle to cover the NFL.

It can be just about the NFL and hockey, the only 2 sports that TSN 1040 deticated time for significantly.

Although I feel for people who lost their jobs when the station shut down, glad it did as it didn't benefit the CFL much.

The Lions can be heard on AM 730 here in Vancouver.

I hope someone does a 2 hour CFL show at least once a week in Vancouver during and leading up to the 2022 season. Having the games broadcast is good but having a little hype go with it does wonders.

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Sadly the only time the Lions will get coverage is during game days.

So a schedule change might not make a difference.

The CFL needs to be a 12 month a year business (June to November league and Grey Cup) the rest of the 6 months Preparing for free agent period ( February 15th) scouting combine and draft (April-May) and training camp and preseason (May-June).

The month of December should be the release of next season's schedule along with season ticket sales and drives.

Anything else to add l open to it.

Too bad the Lions owner can't buy a radio station or at least throw money at one to put on a show.

You never know. It depends on what moves he makes as everyone and everything will be evaluated going forward.

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