Poll for non-Eskimo fans

I'm curious as to how people across the League feel about the Eskimos. Obviously their big rivals are Calgary and Saskatchewan, followed by Winnipeg and BC, followed by Eastern teams (perhaps even Hamilton first, after sweeping them these past 2 weekends :slight_smile:). I get the impression that the Yankees are hated across MLB, the Lakers are hated across the NBA, and the Maple Leafs are hated across the NHL. Do the Eskimos fit that bill?

Eskimo fans need not reply! (to the poll, at least)

I don't hate them or like them, but I respect them for their many years of good play.

least favoite of all CFL teams, Commonweath Stadium is pretty good place though.

I dont care about them, never have.

That's the longest runing animated gif I have ever seen Pokey. You have an awful lot of time to waste. Made me laugh, though...

lol Im glad you liked it :slight_smile:.

I guess I'm different. I don't hate a team. I have preferences when any other team other than my home team plays. I like watching a lot of players on all 8 teams.

I enjoy watching Ray, Tucker, and Hervey, but I enjoy it when BC can beat them, or this year, the chance that their 34 playoff streak comes to an end.

Sorry, couldn't find a right box for me to vote in.

I hate both the Esk's and the Oilers
The Lions and Canucks are not far behind.....

I’m with you, I have never understood this “hate” mentality. I cheer for my team not against another team. I am primarily an Eskimos fan does that mean that I should by proxy then hate the Stampeders. I guess what I “hate” is this attitude that people no longer seem to cheer for their own team but instead seem to cheer against the opposition. Go ahead and hate, I grew up as a child of the 60’s and as such we learned to make love, not hate. Trust me it was a better time.

...LGB, if you are looking for honorary Calgarian citizenship that statement just got you an invite to the next town meeting....

I hate the Eskimos.. it's bred into me. I don't hate many of their players, per se.. I have a lot of respect for Ray, Mitchell, Mobley, Fleming, Garrett and others.. and I'm impressed by the early play of LaRose and Somersell. But I hate the cockiness of the organization, as epitomized by Macciocca and most of their fans. Just because they've made the playoffs 34 years in a row and just because they've won a lot of championships, they seem to think everyone else should just forfeit. It makes me nuts.

Yeah, "hate" is a strong word for it, but to me, the next best thing to the Stamps winning is when the Eskimos lose. It's always been that way (except for a brief period last year, when I wanted the Riders to lose more than the Esks). I suppose "hate" is general for "don't really like them" ... you get the idea.

I suppose a respect the Eskimos organization, too (except for how Campbell runs the league, freezes the turf, etc ... ) They're always competitive (well, almost always), and they do have the best attendance in the CFL (a 34-year playoff streak will help that, too). That's impressive. And, I really like Jason Tucker and Ed Hervey. Ricky Ray is an incredibly talent. So yes, I have respect for them ... otherwise, I wouldn't be able to hate them. Just because they're a respectful organization, doesn't mean I have to like them ... obviously, that's just my view on it.

I think it stems from the fact that I have been a big Calgary Flames fan for over 20 years. Canuck and Oiler fans just irk me. :stuck_out_tongue: