Poll: First Rider Win?

The Riders are still looking for their first win of 2016. Which team will it be?

Options are listed in the order that they appear on the schedule: http://www.riderville.com/schedule/

It's going to depend on who is the starting QB. Durant has a sprain so it sounds like a game to game thing, he likely doesn't play against Ottawa on Friday but if he comes back for the Als game they have a good chance of winning.

It has to be the Alouette game. The Popp-gun led toothless Als are a total train wreck right now. They have major injuries to key players, no discipline to speak of, no direction , no leadership , very questionable at the quarterback position,hints at team dissension in the ranks , porous O-line and an ageing line-up throughout among other things. If the Riders can't beat this sorry excuse for a football team than they can't beat anyone. No doubt about it though this game will be between the two worst teams in the league this season and quite frankly I think that combined they will be hard pressed to match the 6 wins that the Als mustered all of last season by themselves.
In fact easy money would be to take the under in an under/over bet on if these two teams can match their combined win total of 9 victories (Mont-6/Sask-3) from last season , this season.

After last nights debacle, I have the Riders at 2-7 going into Labour Day.

I'll give them the Montreal game and possibly a split in the home and home with Calgary.

The good ole days back when the Argos had a real football stadium with fans...lol

Nice Melons !!!! :slight_smile: 8)

I voted for the Montreal game.

I'm pretty sure Bungle and yourselves standings would have all teams at 2-7 at the midway point.

I had them at either 2-7 or 3-6 before the season started....so I will stick to 2

In a word... WOW! :thup:

I voted for the REDBLACK game

The Riders will beat the Ticats at Timbits field! :rockin: :thup:

Wow !!! So what are you figuring ? That the TWOCOLOURS miss their flight ? :lol: Don't get me wrong ,as a Cat fan I would LOVE to see the Riders take it to those guys from Ottawa but realistically I can't see that happening. Trust me on this , win number one will come at the hands of those One winged Dirty Bird Popp gunners from Montreal.

Book It !!!! :rockin: :thup:

I voted MTL they will only have 3 days to prepare for SSK after playing in TOR Monday night

Schedule makers have bent MTL over on this one

MTL upcoming nightmare schedule(back to back short weeks) 3 games in 11 days! :roll:

Mon. July 25 @ TOR
Fri. July 29 vrs SSK
Thur. Aug.4 vrs BC

Exactly Grover, with 3 games in 11 days it looks like the Als could easily be looking at stretching their losing streak to 5 in a row and their record to 1 and 5 on the season when it's all said and done with this brutal schedule.

MTL will beat TOR then lose to SSK and BC. :wink:

I'm a little worried about it, to tell you the truth. Gale is kind of an unknown, Sask is playing their second straight home game and Ottawa their second straight road game.

This feels like one of those NCAA games where in-state rivals are scheduled to meet soon in the annual death match but one gets upended by Southwest Tennessee Clown College** the week before. I think the Ottawa coaching staff is pretty good at keeping everyone grounded and focused but this feels like a trap game.

(**Not that I'm comparing Sask to a bunch of clowns, mind you. :wink: )

I'm never confident. 30 years of losing games will do that. Hell, I didn't just lose games, I lost entire teams. :oops:

Food for thought here but just in case anyone hasn't been keeping track the Riders W/L record for their last 30 games played ???...............5 wins.......25 losses and a winning percentage of .166 :oops: or if you prefer a losing percentage of .834 So either way you look at things there has been a long drought indeed lately on the Prairie when it comes to winning football games. :cowboy:

See? They're due! :wink:

LOL !!! Yup they're due alright :wink:..... but just as a sidebar to my last post the last 2 times those Riders actually won a game were both against those Dirty Birds of Montreal. I'm telling ya right now bet the ranch on those Jonestown Melon Heads to get their first win of the season and extend their string to three wins in a row against those Popp-gun run Alouettes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Book It !!! Cause it's gonna happen :rockin: :smiley:

Our 2013 Grey Cup buys us a several years of good will with Rider Nation. We'll be back, we're definitely heading in the right direction.