Poll: Favourite game-day event

Just for fun...

I like watching the Lions bench during the Catch to Win....the players get really stoked. Its also pretty funny how the fans will get upset if the machine underthrows the contestant.

How about the game itself??

I like the catch to win contest the best!!!

Sports Action catch to win.

I like the Tim Horton's Coffee Cup race... they usually have 2 crazy people doing it. But the best one was a few years ago when they had the Mascots soccer game at halftime.

i cant believe they stopped the tim hortons coffee cup challenge thats freaking awesome!!!

I liked the Catch to Win, Old Hummer derby, Coffee Cup, and the old Air Canada flight contest.

I remember at one game in 04, we were playing the Argos, and the person doing the contest was from Toronto, and the crowd purposely sent the Torontonian the wrong way...doing exactly the opposite...that was funny!