Poll: Edmonton Football Team Name - The Surviving Seven

Team released they're down to 7 names. Not all of us can officially vote but would like to see the sample size here.

Edmonton Football Team Name
  • Elk
  • Evergreens
  • Evergolds
  • Eclipse
  • Elkhounds
  • Eagles
  • Elements

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Went with Elkhounds as it's unique and plural sound is better than Elk .

But Elks sounds much better and would have been my first choice .

Eagles should have been Golden Eagles . Goes with the colour scheme of the uniform especially the old gold helmets at one time .
Plus it's very Canadian and differentiates it away from the NFL Eagles . The helmet logo would not have to be changed initially and can leave it for a third heritage uniform later .

The rest are horrible names .


Totally agree with you.


I agree with what you said (posted). I voted Elk, but wished it was plural, like the actual name the team used in 1922. Golden Eagles is a better name than Eagles. Choosing the name Eagles would just make them look minor league. BTW, there was an Edmonton Eagles team very briefly (sometime in the '80s), but it was a soccer team in a failed Canadian soccer league.


Go Eagles?! But is this even a legal possibility or a set-up for plausible deniability later for the actual fix of a choice, as in "well Eagles had a lot of support but when we checked again with our legal team ..." - as if that were not done already?

I've seen this done before in Washington DC when they renamed the Bullets with a fake contest or process or whatever in 1995.

And I agree with you and yes it should be Elks, and the fact that Elks is not even a choice makes me think the fix is in to rule it out, for it's not going to be Elkhounds and "Go Elk" sounds to the ear about as as exciting as "Go Mud."


You could be correct in that they already have the name picked. Like you said, some of those choices look like shill names.

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Almost reminiscent of the Schooners naming contest. Sometimes it's best just to announce the name and let people get used to it.

Though I wonder if 'Elks' is an omission because'Elk' means the same. Thought Elk is the proper plural word


You are correct, Elk is also the plural form. We are talking about a team name here, so proper grammar doesn't really matter. Edmonton Elks also sounds better than Edmonton Elk.

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Yes it's a Maple Leafs kind of thing .

They should go with Elks it works for Toronto and no one cares .

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Both Elk and Elks are correct plural. It's not the same as deer, which is the only correct plural of deer. I agree with most that phonetically Elks sounds so much better. With "Elk!" you might as well be cheering for "Mud!" This is why I think the fix is in to have anything about elks out.

Somebody with power does not like elk! What'd they do to him?!

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I was kinda hoping to see Elves on the list. Or would that be Elfs?


Indeed with Will Ferrell himself doing a cameo as a mascot - wow that's when I would know I am living in the alternate reality. :sweat_smile:

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The cheer song could be "Ya, ya, ding dong"?

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Eagles? great name but where are all the complainers that said that the XFL used the name Renegades and that the CFL should sue?
I think when it comes to sports names you can use whatever name you want, no one owns the name.
The other names are kind of lame but I guess they would get used to it. I was shocked years ago when the NHL team in Anaheim named the team the Mighty Ducks, I thought that was ridiculous for a hockey team, even the Ducks was a lame name. But no worse than Penguins

This is not necessarily true in intellectual property law though I do see it your way in no issue for me and others fans of the Philadelphia Eagles like me or not. The law is otherwise just that.

Oh yes I am with you on that stupid Mighty Ducks thing, but hey, what do you expect from Disney and so forth.

As noted before, I think Eagles won't happen because they only put it in there to afford themselves an out later for the winner. I can almost write the PR - "Eagles was also a very popular choice, but due to our legal advice ..." whether that was the case or not. They are not going to spend more money on lawyers when I suspect they already know it won't fly in Edmonton.
/bah-dum-dum ...CHING

There must be college and high school teams all over North America with the Eagles name.
The Element is not very exciting, I don't know what type of mascot they could get for that, I can't imagine "GoElementGo" chant.

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Yes. On that college and high school note, I'm not sure how different laws apply but indeed they do on the basis of amateurism (and the shamateurism that has been the NCAA and high profile high school football in the US for decades) and other factors.

Yeah really no way on some of these names. "Go Elk!" - might as well say "Go Caulk!" :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And "Strike Eclipse!" is not going to happen and so forth.

Flip the logo

The Edmonton 39'ers


Got my vote!