Poll: Does the crossover finish with more "points" than their host?

Right now 4th place Edmonton is tied with 2nd place Montreal with 16 “points.”

Edmonton has played 16 games, whereas Montreal has only played 15.

Edmonton has Saskatchewan twice after a bye, while Montreal plays each of the other three East Division teams once.

Of course Edmonton could catch the Riders, and demote them to the crossover. Calgary or Winnipeg could also join the party, if one sweeps the other; creating a three way tie in which case I don’t know all the tiebreakers, but it doesn’t matter because the important part for this excersize is that they’d all have 20 “points” in that case.

Montreal can’t catch Hamilton of course, so they have clinched the 2 spot.

If the crossover team has more points than their pptential host, then the team doing the crossover should actually host the semi-final.

In the current situation, it would give Montreal something to play for…currently Montreal knows they are hosting the semi-final and they will start resting their players…all because of the division they are in and current rules.

Not this year.

Edmonton has back-to-back games with Saskatchewan, who are fighting for first place, while the Eskimos know they’re crossing over.

Montreal knows they’re hosting the East Semi, but they have games against Toronto and Ottawa.

Expect the Als to finish 10-8, and the Eskimos 8-10.

So if Edm ends up with more points…4th place edmonton should host a playoff game…and 3rd place Wpg should not?

Does the crossover finish with more "points" than their host?
Yes. Happens pretty well all the time and this year will be no exception.


…exactly! Leave it alone, it’s fine as-is…

…and scrap all that crossover thing when we get a fifth team in the east.

The “when” though is amounting to forever.


Not this year but 3rd place in the West once against loses out on a home playoff game because of the two division with uneven number of teams.

Need another East team sooner rather than later.

Bombers could have stayed in the East in the meantime.

So the East would have 5 teams?

The issue has been overall poor management of teams in the East versus the West … for whatever reason it has been a long time since the East has consistently had three strong teams.

Simple… 1st place East and 1st place West get byes. Rest of the league goes on record alone… 3 hosts 6, 4 hosts 5. Division winner with the worse record hosts the semi-final winner with the better record. Divison winner with the best record hosts semi final winner with worse record.

Simple and easy. Division winners still matter, East-West rivalry stays intact, but teams still have to earn their spot with superior play instead of arbitrary geography.

Been saying this for years.

Agree here but the western teams have a 20% shot at hosting the final whereas the east has a 25% shot. They need 1 more team in the east as soon as possible. This will provide more rivalry games in the league (for example the east plays 10 out of division games per year compared to 8 divisional games).

I like that system alot. Ive mentioned it in the past.
Key being get that expansion 5th team in the east. First canadian expansion team in the modern era in a region. The Atlantic region. Ever.
& im not talking about the several reincarnations in Ottawa & Montreal.
The Cfl should be making this priority #1!

So we could have, say, Montreal at Calgary in the West Final, and B.C. at Hamilton in the East Final?

Not a fan of this idea.

Truthfully I don’t like anything that jeopardizes the traditional meeting of East and West in the Grey Cup finale to the season.


Just for fun maybe Winnipeg could change divisions each year. The east teams wouldn’t have it as easy each year.

I commend the bombers for selecting tradition over preferable playoff seeding.

Im a bigger fan of that possibility than I am of a 7-11 team playing host to a 10-8 team in the playoffs simply because the weaker team happens to be in the right division. Stronger records should earn homeplayoff dates regardless of geography.