Poll: Does Burris still have it?

Looked even better this week. Verdicts?

hmm 27 of 30 300 plus yards 4 tds id say yes and every week he looks a lil stronger

He sure as hell had it last night. :thup:

He has looked pretty darn good so far. My only concern is if he can keep it up over the whole season. Despite the way his season ended last year, Burris was playing pretty well for the Stamps up to about Labour Day. It was after the back-to-back games with Esks that the wheels started to come off. He was pulled in games and looked like he was running out of gas. I am over-the-moon happy with how he's played so far, but I want to see if he's still having 350-plus yard nights in October before I'll truly be comfortable. I know that might sound cynical and maybe even a tad unfair, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high just yet.

He's still got it for sure, just needs lots of confidence being put towards him by the coaching staff and he has that here in Hamilton I think.

I think he still has it (until he proves otherwise). If he does prove us otherwise (and has a terrible finish to the season) i will be surprised. It might happen, but I don't think that history necessarily does repeat itself. I am happy to be happy for him so far, and don't want to spoil that happiness with any bad vibes (thoughts of possible failures).

:rockin: :rockin:

The question for me is if he still has it for 18 games. At his age, it's a long season. What he's able to bring to the table in July may not be the same as what he's got left in the tank in October.

And a lot will depend on how well the guys around him can protect him and make plays for him.

So far so good.

An Argo-Cat fan

it would be tough to argue against at this time.

Last evening, Hank was 27 for 30, 360 yards, four touchdowns and 0 INT's
while his quarterback rating of 156.3 was just two points shy of the perfect number.

As well, of all full starts, Burris currently leads the league in:
passing efficiency - 113.9
TD's - 11
longest pass - 95 yards
TD % - 8.1%

I'd say Hank still has it thus far.

Yes, I think Burris still has it. But as stated above - wii he have it in Oct?

Never thought I'd say this, but maybe QP shpuld have had some of the 4th quarter.

I used to hate when the Cats played the Stamps and Hank was 'on'.
It used to be like we couldn't stop their O. Now we have him in our lair
and hopefully will lead us to the 100th GC!
btw. nothing wrong with a 90% completion game!

Like any sport or leauge, it's over a whole schedule but confident this team will be in the playoff mix.

Are my eyes getting that bad, that I am starting to see things that aren't there?
Checking out the Ticats.ca Homepage today, the 1st pic caption says:
Check out the highlights of Henry Burris' game against the Alouettes last Saturday, in which he registered 360 passing yards, four touchdowns and threw just three interceptions.
Maybe the Ticat brass should be notified that it was 'three incompletions; not three interceptions'.
If you want - I can be the permanent proof-reader .....

:thup: :thup: :oops: