Poll: Do you want Danny Maciocia involved with the Als?


It seems like Danny Maciocia will work for the Als in some capacity; when new owners take over. Simple question, do you want Maciocia with the Als in any capacity (GM, coach, President, etc.)?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a “Hell no!” for Johnny!

Of course ! Not sure I want him in the 2 role but he is one of the best candidates available even without the marketing side.

At one point I was willing to accept him as GM.

But with hearing he wanted a 10 yr. guaranteed contract @ $500,000 per annum, and would hire Noel Thorpe as HC without bothering to interview other potential candidates - no thanks.

Je trouve qu’on tombe vite sur le cas de Danny. En s’en allant avec les Alouettes et en quittant ça job à vie avec les Carabins, il prend un TRÈS gros risque professionnellement. Je le comprends de vouloir au moins protéger son avenir en embarquant dans ce cirque

Not sure Macioica even gets a sniff as an executive in any other CFL market other than Montreal. That should tell you that he shouldn’t be your top hire.

Workman,Carling O’Keefe, Skalbania(2x),Chen, Feterik, Glieberman’s(2x), and now Maciocia.
No! No! Just No!

Then, he should stay where he is. Anyone who leaves a job takes a risk. His decision to make. A ten-year contract in pro sports whith his record is ridiculous.

Maciocia destroyed the Eskimos as their coach and GM. He couldn’t win with Ricky Ray… It took the Eskimos years to rebuild their team when he left.

Johnny doesn’t want Maciocia with the Als in any capacity, not even as a replacement for Touché the mascot!

Took five years and stealing Mike Reilly from the Lions to undo the damage.

He won a Grey Cup …

I’m not even an Als fan, and I voted hell no!

I don’t think Maciocia is any better than Kavis, and that’s saying something.

With someone else’s team. The whole tenure under Maciocia can be graphed like an Olympic downhill course.

I voted hell no !

Danny Maciocia est le Bernard Montgomery des entraîneurs

He still won it

His winning percentage is lower than Jim Popp as a HC.

Confused there is a twitter battle with Guzzo and Macioca .

Okay if your the owner hire who you want so why is this a stumbling block .

They both sound strange ; why argue about something that never happened .

You want Constantin go get him .

If Guzzo wanted to go heavy Quebecois talent and Maco wasn’t interested then he’s not the man .

Why is this a thing at this point ?

Guzzo’s contention is that when he let Ambrosie know Maciocia would not be a fit. Ambrosie pulle the league’s offer.

Ambrosie needs to get his nose out of Maciocia’s arse crack!