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No amount of money can ever change anyone's perception of the CFL no matter how much effort is made.

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There will always be a hand full to a dozen players that are overlooked by the NFL, and are currently playing in the CFL. That's just the way it is, and will always be that way. However, if you look at the NFL in the last 15 years, there is a huge influence of the CFL style of play and or size of the player (I.E. some Linebackers are more of a CFL size player than your prototypical NFL size player)

One example of this is past Bears LB Nick Kwiatkoski who is now with the Raiders. Ya he stands at 6' - 2" and 242lbs. But he is more of than slimmer LB that is more versatile in coverage.

At QB. Take your pick on current NFL QB's that play like a CFL QB. Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson just to name a few.

As far as current CFL Players that can play in the NFL, I'd put Andrew Harris, Bo Levi Mitchell, Mike Reilly, Brandon Banks, Charleston Hughes, and Willie Jefferson just to name a few.


The only CFL QB I never understood not giving the NFL a shot is BLM - he has the pass accuracy of TB and the poise.

BB - He's a beast deserves an NFL shot for returns & kickoffs
MR & CH - Never sold on either being on an NFL roster both missing something
WJ - he's tried many times maybe wrong team tryouts
AH - never understood why he never tried the NFL he has the size and tools + he can catch


Probably because there are many better or just as good in the NFL. Do they want to be career backups.
Dionte Spencer was a great 1,000 yard receiver, now he has a big contract as a kick returner only. And how many kicks does he actually return?



I agree with your response. However with respect to your statement with Hughes, Reilly, and Jefferson, it could be the wrong team chosen for tryouts as you mentioned.

When Henry Burris tried out for the Bears, he was given very little playing time to begin with. The same goes with Ricky Ray with the Jets. How Mark Sanchez is better that Ricky Ray from the point of view of the Jets is a farce. Well that's why there the Jets.

Dan Pomei, who is a Chicagoan and a Pro Football Hall of Fame writer said it best with Henry Burris.

"Henry Burris had all the tools to be a great Quarterback in the NFL. He was just never given a chance".

To your statement which I agree, I believe that is the common theme among CFL players trying out.

A recent example is Alex Singleton. Made the cut with the Eagles. Waived, cut, waived, on the practice quad. Then injuries occurred on the Eagles Defense. He played Special Teams, and then became more of a starter in the last 5 - 6 weeks of the season.

The Eagles finally gave him a chance to play and he is proving he can play in the NFL.


Sanchez got numerous chances to start over Hank because the Jets invested a number one draft choice on the guy while Ray was a free agent invitee.

When the Bears were in last years playoffs and that they weren't moving the ball. I suggested to my brother who is a Bears fan that they should put in Hank. He was a couple of years(maybe 18 months) removed from pro ball. What did they have to lose other than the game? I think Hank would've moved the Bears offence in that playoff game than Foles and Trubitsky

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I'm a Bears man myself. You look at the 102-year history of the Bears, at most they had 3 - 4 decent to good Quarterbacks. One of them was Sid Luckman who played in the 40's. It shows how bad they have been in obtaining Quarterbacks. In my opinion the last decent one was Jim Harbough. I'm not putting Jay Cutler up there even though he has over 30,000 passing yards in a Bears uniform. His sloppy play costed us a lot on interceptions and turnovers and losses. The same with Rex Grossman.

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BTW, I'm a Cowboys fan. I thought Jim McMahon was the best Bears QB and that was a long time ago.

You can never fault Grossman, he got you to a Super Owl. I believe you guys would've won that game if Cedric Benson toughed it out. He did have a leg injury, but I thought it was bump or bruise. I remember there was a shot of the sideline with the trainer examining Benson. Benson shake his head "no", while the trainer had a dejected look. The Bears just needed 100 yards to keep the ball out of Manning's hand. You guys had Payton scared shitless when Devin Hester scored on the opening kickoff. The rain was working in your favor. It removed Manning in the passing game. The win was there for the taking for your Bears.

I though Trubitsky was not developed properly. He should have been carrying the clipboard for another two seasons before being named as starter. I believed Nagy undermined his OC Lazor(sic). Nagy should've let Lazor make the play calling.

Trubitsky shown flash of getting a handle of the game. My brother hated the Tribitsky drafting. I though he was a good choice. Sure they passed on Mahomes and Watson, but not even the Football gurus would've thought they would skyrocket to stardom over then Trubitsky. I still Tribitsky will be a good starting QB. My brother will always remind me I gaffed on that selection. I see a lot of upside in Trubitsky. I hope he gets a chance somewhere else.

The Bears should never have hire a former arena football QB for head coach in Nagy. Should've kept Lovie Smith one more year. He lasted longer than Marc Trestman who is a good head coach. At least Trestman was successful at every level.

GM Pace and Nagy should be fired if this doesn't succeed. Get Mack some help on the defense in this draft. I like Dalton when he QBed my Cowboys. If he didn't get cheap shot, the Cowboys would've won the division. The NFC East was that bad. Dalton will be a stop gap measure. He might help mentor a young QB you guys draft to replace Trubitsky

Also on any given quarterback going to New York City, the media at ESPN will hype him including even if only a rookie much as they did the awful Mark Sanchez.

Notice how quickly they crowned Baker Mayfield and years ago it was Cam Newton or Andrew Luck.

Part of this early crowning is because all these guys played big-time college football, so ESPN sells them hard because it plays up their college football agenda.

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At this point like for a few other NFL franchises, I feel for your Bears on this one. I have a friend who is a fan who goes on and on about this subject too.

And Chicago is also a place where it seems like receivers go to almost die, but if you are a solid linebacker odds are high you will be a star in Chicago.

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ESPN also broadcast College Football so they need to bridge the product as a continuation between both broadcasts of NFL and College Football They did the same for Johnny Manziel, Vince Young and Tim Tebow too, but they crashed in front of them

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This is nothing new for some, but all these names who have lavish endorsements soon after they enter the league are so telling.

A year ago I ran into a guy whom I recognized as a UFC Fighter, but it turns out he was not but rather was in the camp of one of the most famous ones and had played football in the CFL before trying out in the NFL and ending up out of football due to injury.

One thing he shared, as I shot the breeze with him, was that when agents are approached with endorsement deals for players, they only show up once to do so and if a player declines an endorsement, they find another guy.

Of course one can't blame some of these guys for jumping on such opportunities after 3 or 4 years of getting paid nothing on the table for use of their image and likeness as their university and media made and kept all the money, but it's telling how that same media partner has still all the more interest to hype them for sake of the advertising associated also with such endorsements.

Anyway, you get the idea how ESPN builds guys up and has its hand also in ruining some of them akin to how MTV long ago would do this for many bands and artists (and now the music industry generally still does so).

It's all about the hype train.

What's sad up here in Canada, is that agents will try to sign 14 years old kids way before they enter Junior Hockey. Dangle promises of endorsements and big league contracts to sign with their agency. How some of these parents allow their kids to be swayed is beyond me.

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The Bears have a history of being a team with a solid running game (although it's been ok in the last couple of years), along with a solid defence. The Bears have missing a franchise QB for a long time.


I agree with a lot you have said. It does go back to Jim McMahon as the last best QB the Bears had in the last 40 years.

I don't know why Trubisky was slotted in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft to begin with when he only started for 1 year in College Football. In my opinion, it should have been more of a 3rd Round onward. On top of that, the Bears trade up 1 spot with the 49ers to obtain Trubisky.

As far as Rex Grossman is concern, to me he was average at best. Ya he brought my Bears to the Super Bowl. However, he was an average QB. His average game logs would be like this:

25 completions
38 attempts
210 yards.
2 interceptions.
1 - 2 TD passes.

It was the Bears running game, special teams, and defence, that got all the work done. That year I believe they had the most sacks, forced fumbles, and turnovers. That defence was the complete package.

The turning point to me was Rex Grossman fumbling 3 offensive series in a row from the snap of the ball. I like Lovie Smith at times, but he was very hard headed when to make adjustments. That year they had Brian Griese as their backup and came into relief when needed and did well during that season. He should have taken over at that time in the Super Bowl.

By the time Marc Trestman took over, he inherited a complete mess when the Bears were just about last in the league in all of their defensive categories.

So now they dump Buster Skine, and Kyle Fuller who are great in the defensive backfield due to salary dumps. They sign Andy Dalton for a 1 yr at 10 Million. They could have got him for 5 - 6 range.

And yes, both Adam Gase and Matt Nagy should be fired. You have a defense in place that is almost a Super Bowl calibre defense. A lot of teams would be salivating for this, and the Bears screw it up by not being able to draft and or mold a quarterback for their franchise. Absolute farce.


This is what many a fan of the Bears including my friend says, and we know. His view though is that such is how they can win it all again.

Reality is that there is not going to be anything like a team that did that in the 1980s again.

And like you say no franchise QB, and I will add no star receivers, and I don't see the Bears getting it done.

Heck of a meeting. #aroundtheworld