Poll: Diversity of CFL forum fans location

Thought I would try a poll to see what percentage of posters are posting from Canada , USA or somewhere else .

Out of Curiosity . See if I even know how to do this properly .

Posters Location
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Not Canada or USA

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I'd love to hear where the folks are outside of Canada or the US too.


Picked up CFL when I lived in Northern Maine less than 20 minutes from Grand Falls NB. Currently live in Cleveland, only few hours drive from Toronto which I want to visit again once all this covid BS is settled. Though the wife wants to go back to Montreal and Quebec City, which was closer and easier to get to from my House in Maine than Portland and Boston were.

Great Asian restaurant in Edmundston I miss, along with poker night in Grand Falls at this awesome dive bar.


Definitely ; I read some of the posts where they say Japan or Norway etc and it inspired the poll .


Thanks Zulu I like hearing what started your interest in this under dog league .

Been to Cleveland to see a Browns game and went to the Rock n roll hall of fame .

The people were friendly except maybe for the bar staff in some of the joints we visited .

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Cleveland is one of the friendliest places, but the bar culture is an acquired taste, that and jay walking is actually the biggest sport here, lol.

If you get a chance to come back you should check out the art museum, true hidden gem and is considered the second best in North America. That and the NFL hall of fame is only about 45 minutes to an hour south.

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I'm in Norway on account of starting a family with a Norwegian I met in Congo. I am from Hamilton.

Went to the Grey Cup in 2019 in Calgary after finishing work the preceding Thursday in Tromsø. Routing was TOS-OSL-FRA-YYC.

I made it into this CHCH report for that trip:


Hope it wasn't the last professional Canadian football game.


Great dedication ; I Enjoyed that news clip of your experience .

Thanks for sharing Joe .

Who's your favorite CFL team and do you truly believe the some CFL players can do well in the NFL but are overlooked because they don't fit the NFL player profile.

I tend to gravitate towards Montreal though I also have a soft spot for the Argos, lol. Though I have a good friend who lives in Ottawa who has been trying hard to get me into the Redblacks, though he is also convinced he can convert to the Senators as well. Fun times lol, also I followed the ti-cats when they had Manzel, more so out of morbid curiosity.

I don't know there is a lot of evidence to support the NFL overlooks CFL players. Certainly many have gone from University ball to the NFL or those that did get noticed and were recruited.

Though I am sure it doesn't get full attention it should to an extent, that i feel is largely due to the very limit exposure the league gets down here. The NFL profile tends to be recruit folks right out of college and don't tend to care about those who need more time to develop.

That said the NFL is starting to think differently about it and many owners have expressed a need for a development league or something like it. Why i see in the long-term a stable XFL that we aren't partners with in some way as a very serious threat.

The other issue is the CFL hasn't exactly been friendly or open to working with the NFL, so I am sure it has impacted player exposure. Though there are also plenty of NFL coaches that have borrowed CFL tactics to great success.


It kind of bothers me that they are fans out who, for some reason, slag in the CFL simply because of this idea that if they are not in the NFL they are C list players which is totally not true.

There's more politics involved at the NFL level than we realize.


I don't see the situation as a player one but how the NFL views it one. Whether we like it or not the NFL is far more powerful and has largely been generous to us or stayed out of our way, in large part because they see us as a dev league of sorts.

If the XFL replaces us in that psychological way then the reasons for the NFL to not move into Canada diminish since it won't matter if that move kills us. They won't care. Not saying the NFL only allows to live at their pleasure, but if they no longer see value in us and if the benefits look good they'll move in.

Given our troubles with the 3 major markets, it won't get better if the NFL comes to town.

As usual, I cannot disagree more. If you actually followed both leagues more closely and took your head wherever it is away from that XFL crap of yours for a bit in your analyses for once, you would know that many NFL coaches scout the CFL consistently. Most CFL players do not make it and very few stick. Over the years, there are glaring examples of successes in the NFL who hailed from the CFL or amateur ball in Canada all the same.

You always type as if you are running for office in the XFL, which I reckon by now you sure are as much as you tout it as if its history has anything on the CFL at all.

The NFL experience for those who try to make the jump is usually invaluable when they return to the CFL too.

To characterize the NFL acting collectively in this respect, as you did there, is not only inaccurate but most disingenuous.

C'mon now. Follow the leagues and transfers more closely for a few seasons already.

Somehow over the years this XFL deal that has not worked has obviously clouded your view as well.

Maybe a venture can work, but I can assure you it will be due to the money provided by Red Bird Capital and any brand that The Rock can help build and grow not anything from the XFL ever of the past.

In fact once the deal is done, the XFL concept could go away altogether as the venture is likely renamed yet retains its Canadian core.

You seem to overlook that the XFL approached the CFL not the other way around. May they find a deal, but I already know the likes of the politician that is you there will claim the credit for your crap XFL league and the like.


Yeah I would be curious as to what non Can non US areas tend to watch most

I know tv rights are banned in Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, and China (odd collection of countries..)

Are they geo blocked because they are the ones watching most often (and paying for it?) or is there another reason

I know some group called Yare Media (based in BC) seems to be the global broadcast partner

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I overlooked nothing and you are exactly right, it isn't about the coaches and players. Thr CFL feeds a need the NFL has, thus has motivation to not see fold or at least not to be the direct cause, but not if they have another viable stable alternative.

That's my point, not sure where you got that idea i think otherwise. The problem is the NFL hasn't tried to move into Canada because of the harm it would do to us in part. If the XFL is stable then the motivations change for the NFL. Then if they move in first with games in the three major markets then later a franchise or two, will any one show to any of our games then? What does it do to our viewership, ratings and ad deals?

Without partnership and expansion of our markets, growth and rebuilding our own backyard we will not be able to survive that. This isn't about the short or medium term, it is long term like over the next 10 to 20 years.

You keep focusing on the wrong thing, yes the XFL needs us more, right now, so my point is exploit that, use it to our long term advantage. If we dont we'll miss the opportunity and regret it, except then there'll be nothing we can do. Right now we can be in the driver's seat, that won't always be the case.

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It's not about what's best for XFL, its about the long term of the CFL. Stop reacting to the problems in front of us only after crisis but be pro active. What are the problems of the future and is there a way to avoid or mitigate? Taking action now is not just about now but also tomorrow.

Little known fact : Carl Sagan was huge UFO debunker, but later believed in ETs just prior to his demise

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1 out of 4 outside of Canada so far sure surprises me. That's a sign of sorts right there of more foreign interest in the game though some reporting from the US or otherwise are also Canadians.

In the UK the CFL is broadcast on BT Sport (subscription channel). We get the TSN feed but with the ad breaks blacked out (no loss there).

Good schedule filler for them as time difference ensures earliest kickoff is around 9-10 p.m. while latest finish would be around 5.30-6 a.m. if the BC Lions are at home, so they get to broadcast live sport at an hour when everyone else is showing repeats or infomercials.

BT Sport shows CFL and NCAA while rival Sky Sports has the NFL rights.

Interestingly, BT Sport also showed the XFL, so it would be interesting to see what they'd do if the XFL and CFL had overlapping seasons.


Because people love rich athletes. If the CFL had big salaries, more would watch.

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