Poll - Did the TiCats get better today

"Jones wouldn't put himself in a position where someone could undermine his authority.
Why would he?? June Jones was semi retired and living in Hawaii."

I agree.

I seriously doubt that such a person who has coached in the NFL and with 34 years experience would leave the comforts of Hawaii and retirement to come up here to be someone else's puppet.

Besides, Kent has already gone on record as stating that this will be June's team to direct.

The contract is only til the end of this season, so if the rules change, June Jones can easily leave for home after that.

  1. Exactly habcat !!!

I vote yes, but gradually better. :wink: :slight_smile:

tabbyfan: Yes...the players are the same. But will they react the same? Have you not seen how well many of our cuts/trades have done with other teams?

Yes...but other teams have differing systems and supporting players. Hard to try to do a comparison that is scientific.

Exactly. Differing systems. Different coaches. Coaches who design game plans that allow all their talented players to shine every game! Nothing scientific about it.

I'm looking forward to seeing how June Jones goes about getting more out of the same players that Austin has had.

I'm feeling more and more that Austin will be stepping down at the end of the season. It will be a mutual thing and the Cats will quietly give him a nice severance pay on his way.

And sometimes, a player will thrive when placed in a new and different environment.

Terrell Sinkfield was signed in March 2014 and released by August 2014 by the argos. Hamilton brought him in September, and he helped lead the Tiger cats to a Grey cup gamethat year.