Poll - Did the TiCats get better today

Was this change needed and will it make a difference

Feel free to give your reasons

Yes!...We got Austin off the side lines. I think that Jones will have a new aproach. It will take
some time but will be successful.

Nope. Same team playing the same other teams

All bets are off now. I don't see that Austin's stepping down as HC will end anything. I would hope more change is on the way such as new players, new offence, more work on the defence etc.
I'm sure Kent does did not hand over the HC's job to Jones to continue our losing ways.
I see the rest of season as a re-build with hopefully a few wins before November.
It was a timely move by Kent Austin. If he had waited much longer the whole season would have been a waste.

It’s to early to tell. All they did was rearrange the deck chairs. If Austin can stay up stairs and leave Jones alone to coach this is a good move. If Austin can concentrate and actually find some real talent this is a good thing. At this point I say no because it’s way to early to see any results. I listened to Austin on TSN this afternoon and he is still spewing we need to evaluate every position crap for the hundredth time.

Well said. While alot of people are seeing this in the short term of "you think Jones is the answer at HC?" the way I look at it is this is exactly what we're looking to find out. Jones gets 10 more games to prove he can be the guy. Should he flop just as hard as Austin did well, at least we found that out on an already lost season, scratch his name off the list. The off season search then begins.Next on the interview list, Khari Jones, Devone Claybrooks, Orlondo Steinaur, Tommy Condell, Noel Thorpe, Mike Benevides, etc.

Remember folks it's Austin who will fire and hire the next Head Coach.

Kent Austin may have lost the locker room and may have worn too many hats but by no means is he an idiot. I feel comfortable with him making this decision

no it will it make a difference

Where's the "too early to tell" option?

I found this interesting as well:

Former McMaster head coach Stefan Ptaszek remains as offensive coordinator, but there is now one less voice in the offensive mix. Some players had said privately that, essentially, there were too many cooks stirring the broth.
Source: http://3downnation.com/2017/08/24/milton-austins-decision-step-right-thing/

I voted yes because can they really be any worse than 0-8?

No the player Talent level is not on the same playing field as other teams because of trades, lousy scouting free agency ..... you could write a book on why I left the Tigercats ex players accounts ?!

another fossil hired.

Not really austin still oversees scouting,contracts,personnel evaluation and coaching staff.these are all aspects I feel the cats were lacking in

Ageist Prick >:(

As a person who is of a similar age and still working, I find your remark offensive.

It could have been Bevis Buthead and you'd all be saying itz better today! Crap. Any change like this will stimulate/change a team..... but for how long and how much? Thatz the big question.

I still think Austin is a very good coach.

I voted yes, but only slightly better. KA had to step aside, the pressure was getting pretty bad and I think he was feeling it. JJ will hopefully be given free reign to make changes in all departments regarding play book and players which may help.

However, the players are still the same.

Kent Austin was VP,GM and HC + the OC of this team
He was boss of everyone on this team except Scott Mitchell and of course Caretaker.
Mitchell is the boss of Austin, so he will let Jones run this team as he sees fit.
Jones wouldn't put himself in a position where someone could undermine his authority.
Why would he?? June Jones was semi retired and living in Hawaii.
June Jones was brought here by Mitchell, I really don't think that Mitchell brought JJ here and uprooted him out of retirement to just help with the QB's.
It was clear to everyone that Austin was wearing way to many hats in the organization.
Austin had good success at the beginning, but it has now caught up to him.